Gamers seek for special, Gamers seek for unique, but what do they seek for? well obviously the word Gamer comes from the word “Games”, Yes it’s true that every gamer seeks for the best game. Today we’ll list some Games that every Gamer should try before he dies. Before you start reading you should realise that the following Games are chosen from the authors choice and non-survey was done for these Games.

#10 Minecraft

Well agree to disagree some people will find Minecraft boring but some of them just think that the Gameplay of Minecraft is very unique, this is why Minecraft has been so popular recently. Minecraft is one of those Games which sold 13 million copies and is considered to be one of the greatest Games published by Mojang & 4j Studios


#9 Watch Dogs SeriesWatchdogs series has been fantastic as usual, after the release of Watchdogs 2 the game got even more advanced. In Watchdogs 2 the Gameplay is very unique as well you hack things and make them go in your way. Apart from this Watchdogs 2 has free-roam gameplay and is considered to be one of best Designed Games. Watchdogs games are developed by Ubisoft.


#8 Farcry SeriesWell another Ubisoft title… Far Cry is first-person shooter video game. It is developed by Crytek. The Game is usually situated in different places but Farcry 4 is situated in Mountains, Jungles which makes it interesting the Game is supportively free-roam too you can drive cars and do anything you want. It has interesting fighting and first-person shooting mechanics.


#7 Uncharted SeriesTalking about adventure and action Games, Uncharted series has been fascinating It has given us all those features that a Player ever wanted, It is developed by Naughty Dog Studios and is available only on Playstation 3. The Game has very nice Graphics and physics and overall it’s a fantastic Game to play.


#6 Mafia SeriesNo doubt that the Mafia Series has been fascinating so far, Mafia 1 2 & the latest 3 were all very good, the Mafia Series is based on a character Vito but later in Mafia 3, it has changed. The Game is all about bossin! and how you roll like a Godfather. The Game continues to give us extreme fun. Mafia series are all free-roam and are based on all Tactics.


#5 The Last of UsWell there is no doubt that the Last of us has been a great series for all Gamers out there. The Last of Us is an action-adventure survival horror video game developed by Naughty Dog Studios, Sadly for those who are searching PC & XBOX platforms should feel disappointment because The last of us is only available on Playstation. The Game takes the enjoyment to next level when you play it because its all about the Great designing and emotions of the characters.


#4 Assassin’s CreedWell every Gamer knows about this Game it’s just so awesome that it has got the attention of every Gamer. Assasins Creed is designed by Ubisoft and is based on action game. Assasins Creed has a lot of Games released and they are in a series, The Game has a very well designed Story and the Assasins have Great fighting and Ninja mechanics making it the favourite of many Gamers out there.


#3 Red Dead Redemption Series Originally being developed by Rockstar this Game has crossed limits of being one of the best Games ever. Red Dead Redemption is an open-world western action-adventure video game. It has a very unique and good Story which made its fans love it. Every Gamer out there shall try it because this is the type of Game that makes everybody go Rock and Roll. Red Dead Redemption is only available on Playstation & the XBOX. The Upcoming Red Dead Redemption is gaining a lot of hype by the fans because everyone knows That Games like Red Dead won’t be disappointing.


#2 GTA Series




Every Gamer out there is aware of this awesome Game Called “GTA”. Originally GTA was one of those which took the Games to next level, the GTA series had always success, famous Releases like ViceCity, San Andreas , GTA 4 & Obviously the GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto is an action-adventure video game series created by David Jones and Mike Dailly. Apart from this Grand Theft Auto” is the fifth-best-selling video game franchise (250 million sold). The Grand Theft Auto is available on almost all Platforms.


#1 Witcher SeriesNothing comes in the Witcher Way!, The Polish Game which sold million of copies of their artwork, magazines, Games, Yes you heard it right everything the Polish Company sold were related Witcher, After a lot of failures the Witcher industry didn’t give up and tried gaining access to the Victory, Later when the Witcher 3 was released it got hit due to which the Polish Industry CD Projekt RED regained their all loss. Witcher 3 was awarded Game of the year 2015. Still, after a lot of DLCS, the game is running super smooth for every Gamer out there.


These were the Games that every True Gamer should try before he dies, all the titles listed above are worth playing because they will give you something new when you end it, The above-listed Games were all famous and Hit in their time, these lists were made personally by the author of the Article and gave an opinion piece.