Steve from Canada submitted us His Setup, His setup isn’t just a Gaming place to Game on, but It is truly a Gaming Heaven, Steve is a die hard Gaming Fan, His love for the hardware’s is incredible, Here are Steve thoughts on Gaming

As a kid growing up there was Nintendo and Sega. We all fought on which system was the better one. My friends were all with Sega, they said oh it has way better graphics. Where I was with Nintendo. I mean that’s all we had back then before the age of sound cards and video cards that could render 4k at a struggling 60fps. But we didn’t care back then Super Mario and Sonic looked great with their black dot as eyeballs. I’ve always been a console gamer but after graduating to a ps3 I decided that sitting In front of the tv 15feet playing on a controller didn’t do it for me anymore. I was tired of playing games at 30fps. In 2004 I decided to build my first gaming rig and it was water cooled it had 2 4870×2 GPUs and It could finally run Crysis at 70fps. But that wasn’t good enough for me. In 2006 I started building what was to me the most ultimate
Gaming rig I could have. It had to run all triple A titles at least 70fps. It had to be a triple monitor surround setup and had to be a racing sim as well. MISSION CONTROL was created. The rig is capable of running any game at 4k with a min of 65fps. Having the triple monitor setup I play on 2k but still beats those console days. But I do miss Mario and Zelda even some contra.

How I got in PCMR is plain and simple I love to game. I’ve gamed since Nintendo and Super Mario is my favourite old school game. I wanted a PC that could play it and play it well. Even at 4k, and I’m big on overclocking fan so that’s why I

water cool usually. I upgrade as parts get released and money is no object when it comes to PC. This rig plays any game even at 4k with a min 65fps.



The specs are. Intel i7 3820
32gigs of corsair dominator 2400mhz ram.
Gtx 1080ti with a water block Is the main card.
Rampage Extreme 4 mobo with full Ek water block.
Gtx 1050ti dedicated to PhysX.
Sound Blaster Zx sound card.
Three 1 terabyte 7200rpm HDD.
2 Samsung 850 pros 500gig each.
Cpu is cooled by koolance water block was the best block at the time still does a great job.

The rig has 2 PSU one is a Corsair 1200i the other is a tangan bz series 1100watt.
Water cooling has 3 360mm rads 2 for the GPU 1 for the CPU and mobo.
There are 3 swift tech water pumps and 2 reservoirs. 9 high static fans to cool the rads and 6 fans for exhaust. They are quite.
2 fan controllers on the front a card reader and a blue ray drive. All housed in a custom case. Built by mountain mods.
The case is called the mountain mods ascension case.
Running 3 monitors Samsung curved cf791 white. They are 2k 120hz.
The keyboard is a corsair k70 lux.
The mouse is a Corsair as is my gaming pad.
I also have a Xbox elite controller. And a steel series 840 headset.
Speakers are the Logitech 5.1 surround.

Race setup is the Thrustmaster t300 with tpa3 pro pedals.
Thrustmaster th8a shifter.
I also have a custom E brake that I’ve modded to work with a USB proximity sensor.
The seat is a real Sparco r100 seat. The set up cost me about 11000 Canadian to build. Thank you

Build Cost = 11000 Canadian Dollars.