The past year has been a wild one, several games have met their fates of failure, several which weren’t advertised properly, some which did not meet our expectations, and mostly of which were not as well delivered as how they were said in their trailers. Needless to say, many pre-order fans were disappointed and infuriated at their seemingly wastage of money. Keep in mind that these are just our own list; everyone’s thinking differs and well, there could be a game we’ve missed or some game which we did list which you like. No offence to anyone, and let us know in the comments below of any addition or argument. Without further dragging this, let us get started on the biggest video game disappointments of the whole year 2016.

20. Slain: Back from Hell

When this 16-bit styled, heavy metal themed, castlevania-inspired game launched every metal and side scroller fan thought they were in for a treat. It was highly anticipated based on its looks in the Early 2016. The developer, Wolf Brew Games released a remake on its failure which still failed. As you can see in the image the pixel at seemed high quality and lured everyone in, but as they played they realized the game was very buggy, repetitive, and plain boring. Up to the point that it wasn’t playable, and stopped selling much on Steam. It played so poorly and was so bad at launch many people abandoned it.
19. Assassins Creed Chronicles: Russia

So, the thought of a new game probably had every Assassins’ Creed fan jumping in place. This side scrolling stealth game manages to get the title of an Assassins’ Creed game, but fails to deliver what Assassins Creed games delivery, including a full storyline. We can say that the environments are gorgeous, but the stealth scenes and the stealth gameplay? Not so much the same. It fails to deliver a good indulging, gut wrenching type of stealth where you are sweating to make everything just right. It’s downright sloppy sometimes, and not what we expected from Ubisoft.
18. Super Mario Maker

Though this is one controversial pick on the list; we wouldn’t say this is a failure for everyone. It was designed for kids but the actual audience was old school 90s teens, now young adults, who wanted to experience the game once again in another, completely distinct manner. Released for 3DS, many people found it wasn’t exactly what they expected because of a lack of good features and intuitive controls. Every man to themselves, we added this game on the list not as a complete fail, but just as a slight disappointment.
17. Titanfall 2

So the successor to the original Titanfall failed to meet the developers’ sales expectations. Why?, You may ask, well. Well, firstly was its bad release date planning. It was released alongside Battlefield 1 and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Players thought it better to buy those 2 instead of this mostly. So EA games just tried to hit above themselves and met their fate.
16. Assassins Creed Collection
This seemingly “remastered” set of Assassins Creed wasn’t that bad; except for the graphics issues. The graphics on some cutscenes such as the famous one of 2 was actually much more crappy. The faces weren’t delivered properly and it seemed better to play the original Assassins Creed 2 rather than play this one with the hideous visuals.
15.Forza Horizon 3

This highly anticipated racing game had every racing fan eager. The game isn’t too bad in comparison with the older Forza Horizon games, but it doesn’t pack the same punch. We didn’t expect any explosive action, but still this missed what most racing games have. Firstly, the bucket list challenges are too difficult and mostly fail. On top of that, there are too many monotonous “dirt” races in the game to the point that you don’t even feel like playing anymore. There is too many stuff like managements and some non-car things which most racing fans find boring, just like the RPG Elements of Mass Effect which TPS or FPS gamers find boring. The car upgrading isn’t much fun either.
14. Homefront: The Revolution

The famous futuristic adoption of the guerilla combat game turned out boring as well; the framerate was very bad, the gameplay mechanics weren’t we thought-out, the theme was typical and dumb, it was too cinematic and the actual shooter game was very short lived. We also found that the AI or computer players are quite dumb and sometimes too efficient. Even hiding behind something they used to spot you. This is quite annoying, and thus, the Homefront game crashed and burnt.
13. Star Fox Zero

Developed for the WII U, this game was meant to be the successor to its 1997 game Star Fox 64 for the Nintendo 64. First of all, this was a great idea to have friendly kids-type shooting in spaceships in space. However, it was soon found that the game was confusing and not as fun to play as its predecessor was. The old people wanting a taste of nostalgia were very disappointed.
12.Mighty Number 9
This was very saddening for Mega Man fans, this game, said to be successor or actually a new adoption to Mega Man, turned out very bad. This wasn’t a fun action platformer which was expected. It did not have the same type of thing which Mega Man had. Its graphics were bad. The abilities of characters were sloppy and typical. The game itself was very buggy. The animations are very lifeless and boring. This was definitely not worth it.

Battleborn was designed to be an online first person shooter like MOBA like elements. The Campaign did not specifically be too attractive, and the game wasn’t fun to play either. In the end, for an internet shooter with MOBA mechanics, we couldn’t have expected any less different.
10.The Last Guardian

Developed by TEAM ICO, this game was designed to touch hearts; well, at least the storyline did accomplish that. We cannot say the same about the gameplay though. The controls are messy and not up to the mark. The camera angle is poor and very annoying to be honest. Some of the game’s puzzle are difficult or weird to solve and are simple annoying most of the times.
9. Alekhines’ Gun
This hitman style stealth game, named on a chess move, is quite not what you expected. It falls victim to bad execution. The AI is very dumb and stupid. The weapons do not work sometimes. The game has no apparent soundtrack, its 5GBs big of trash. Sorry to say that. But this was not what we expected. From the trailers it seemed very charming and good. The visuals and everything is good; except for the execution which is very poor. You just don’t find the flow which you find in Hitman games. I would say this is a big failure, and it could’ve been made better, but the company is putting in no efforts to fix its mistakes.
8. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

It has sold less than 350,000 copies! It is a great failure. The main thing which caused this is its cost which gamers found was too high for “just another average man with sunglasses killing guys in yellow” game. And it was. There was no major difference and nobody cared about its storyline or anything. Without any other trials, it went totally failed and nobody even remembered its existence on the Earth, except us, for we are here just for you.
7. ReCore

In the first few hous of playing ReCore, the players discover and learn about the map, later, not so similar. It might seem very good for its graphics and all, but later it feels quite clunky. We can say the world and the characters of this game on the Map are the most attracting and coolest things, but the let down is the inconvenient bugs and glitches that never seem to end. The game then just gets frustrating, and gamers just close this and start playing Counterstrike or something. Sorry to say, but this was failed since the start.
6. Street Fighter 5
Street Fighter 5 was released for the PS4. For old-school nostalgia seeking fans, it was an opportunity to play the classic Street Fighter in a new update with better graphics and all on their PlayStation 4s. Sad to see that it did not just work that way. Alongside having very boring and old and less features, this game did alos not deliver what It promised. This was a great let-down for gamers.
5. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

While the original Mirror’s Edge was one of the best rooftop-runners of the time, it had much new to deliver and never felt boring nor did It feel repetitive. It’s the exact opposite in the case of its successor; Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. It did not deliver what It said to, and it did not even come near what Mirror’s Edge original did. Many scenes were repetitive and gamers soon found that they were doing nothing but running and running and shooting occasionally and the storyline wasn’t too slick as well.
4. Mafia 3

So the first and second Mafia games weren’t exactly failures, and I personally loved both of them a lot. Things are different for this one however. The biggest, first, and foremost problem of this game was its bad graphics. The graphics were made to look dull and Noire, but they were different. They seemed like Graphics from the early 2000s era, the ones used in old games. Alongside this, it pretty much did not have much to offer. So 2K games really disappointed us here. Not only us, gamers too, Many issues like 30fps on release, dull Graphics, bugs were mainly the issues.
3. The Division
 Well for some people this might trigger them. We’re deeply sorry if it did. Still, this game wasn’t too special either. It fell short to a number of problems even though it was one of the most selling games of a time. It plummeted down just a month after its release. Hackers exploited this game of its bugs and glitches immediately which made it unplayable, even on its own.
2. Quantum Break

Yes, this is the game you heard about, though only once, the one acclaimed to have movie or life-like graphics and an amazing storyline. This was a try at a TV Show and a Game crossover. However, it’s not playable neither single player nor online. The dramatic experience it promised was never delivered and there were a lot of bugs. As it turns out, this game was no more than a gimmick.
1. No Man’s Sky

Ah yes, the game you also might have heard about. The one which seemingly had millions and millions of planets and you could land your spaceship on them and explore them, shoot beasts, interact with other players. Turns out it wasn’t as fun as imagined. The planets were randomly generated, the game had compatibility issues, the graphics were shot and the release date was delayed. It resulted in many, including us, to lose their faith in this highly anticipated game.