A phone without apps is like a sandwich without any meat or vegetables, these apps help us be more productive. So today we brought for the 5 best productivity apps on the Play Store for Android phones.



While the development of social media and remote interaction may have broken down many of the barriers to international communication, the ability to speak multiple languages still has considerable value. For individuals who need to relocate for work or are planning to travel to various, far-flung global resorts, for example, multilingual skills may be worth their weight in gold. The Doulingo language application is one of the most innovative educational tools on the Android market, as it challenges users to learn their choice of Spanish, German, French, Italian or Portuguese by asking them to match images with selected words. The app is also tired and staged to be competitive so that successful answers will enable you to progress while incorrect responses will cost you valuable time and points.

Merriam Webster Dictionary and Word Web:

While Google’s burgeoning Play store is full of a functional dictionary and thesaurus applications, few of these have the scope and sophistication of the Merriam-Webster and WordWeb. Featuring a comprehensive catalogue of words and concise definitions, this app also offers access to a pronunciation tool that enables you to improve your speech and oration. As purposeful and multi-purpose applications go, the Merriam-Webster and WordWeb remains one of the most sought after among Android users.


Snapseed (free) is a high-quality standalone photo editing app for Android. Users can easily edit your photos using many of the built-in features like auto-correct and selective adjustments. Free from Google and included in the G+ app. Snapseed includes many features of high-end photo editing software, auto correct, image tuning and other effects. Snapseed makes editing your photos easy and gives the photographer many options to choose from in how they present their images.
Scrolling up and down lets the user choose from different effects and tools, swiping left to right determines the intensity. This app includes many effects such as tilt-shift that are hard to find elsewhere.


This free Android and iOS app that helps befuddled music fans identify songs has undergone a recent revamp which adds numerous features including auto-tagging, interactive maps, television interaction, and more. If you find yourself frequently guessing song names or their performers, Shazam should be a part of your app library. It collects a snippet from the song and looks uo the directory of songs to identify the song you are looking for.


The app says that it is specifically crafted to help students with their home assignments in maths from the smartphone. It will give step by step instruction towards a mathematical solution teaching them how to do it. Looking at the app what appeared to me at a glance was that, the app has an interesting appearance with all its functionality at a place.