Regardless of what the COVID-19 situation around the world will be, one thing we can bank on happening this holiday season is the breaking out of a full-fledged console war between the Xbox Series X and the PS5. But with their hardware abilities pretty much matching each other’s, the deciding factors will indeed be the games they offer. Sony recently held a live stream featuring the major games that will be made available for its console upon its launch and even showcased their trailers. We’ve picked 7 among them that have got us incredibly excited about sinking our teeth into their potentially breath-taking offerings.


Horizon Forbidden West

A sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, this game will carry forward the story of Aloy. The game will still take place in post-apocalyptic America that’s inhabited by large machines that are designed to look like animals. The action will be shifting to western America now, as the trailer has made clear. Unlike most games announced at the Sony event, however, Horizon Forbidden West’s release timeframe wasn’t revealed; so don’t expect it to arrive anytime before mid-2021 at least.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales

This one’s not a full game per se, as it happens to be an expansion to the original Spider-Man that was launched in 2018 for the PS4. But we’re still excited for it, given how heartily we had enjoyed the first game in the series. This expansion will carry the story forward through the perspective of Miles Morales, who happens to be Peter Pan’s successor. Late 2020 is when you can expect Spider-Man: Miles Morales to be made available for the PS5, and presumably, even the PS4.


Hitman 3

The classic series that is Hitman got a revival in 2016 when IO Interactive released a set of 6 episodes that took the series back to its roots in terms of gameplay. Fans and newcomers alike loved this game but were displeased by the episodic release pattern, which led to all episodes of Hitman 2 being released at the same time in 2018. And it’s now time for Hitman 3 to complete this trilogy. The trailer has confirmed Dubai to be one of the locations of this game, while it has also disclosed January 2021 as its launch window.


Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village is all set to be the eighth main entry to the extremely popular franchise from Capcom. The game will be played in the first-person perspective and will have players jumping into the shoes of Ethan, the protagonist from the last entry to the series. Things start to go awry when Ethan unexpectedly meets Chris Redfield in a mysterious village. Capcom has only mentioned that the game will be out in 2021 without specifying a window.


Ghostwire: Tokyo

The Evil Within’s developers have been busy working on this supernatural action-adventure that takes place in its namesake city. Expected in 2021, it takes place after a paranormal event causes 99 per cent of the city’s inhabitants to disappear.



Coming later this year, Deathloop is a game developed by Arkane Studios, the same folks who gave us games from the Dishonored and Prey series. It’s hence not surprising to see traces of those games in its trailer. Everything from stealth, parkour, supernatural abilities to retro-futuristic weapons make their way into Deathloop, which is also coming to PC.


Developer Annapurna Interactive has never been one to go the regular route. Its new title announced for the PS5 is more proof of the same. Stray is a puzzle simulation that lets you play the role of a stray cat in a cyberpunk city, populated by robots. It’s headed to the PS5 sometime in 2021.