Video Gaming has come a long way since its initiation into the mainstream media, thanks to the advancement in gaming technology within the gaming realm. However, some of the fantastic advances in the tech world have made the future of gaming even more appealing. Discussed herein are some of the technologies.

1. Facial Recognition in Gaming Technology

With the introduction of 3D facial scanning recognition in the gaming, you can now customize an avatar to make it look like you. Besides, you can inventively transfer your expression to the digital creations. Additionally, for game developers, the Intel RealSense 3D camera allows you to create games. The games can adopt the emotions of the gamer through scanning their faces to give them the feel and attachment while gaming.

2. High Graphics

From the 8 bits gaming graphics we started off from, there has been a cutting edge in the advancements in the graphics world. Now, you can have a good gaming experience through a fully rendered videos with realistic textures. The ability to increase the adaptability of the games, with higher image qualities makes it look like you are inside the game. Besides, you can enter into the gaming experience through ultra 4K gaming capabilities.

3.Virtual Reality

The gaming experience has dramatically gone a notch high through, thanks to the virtual reality consoles, though not many have been commercially released to the market yet. With VR headsets, you are immensely poised to get a good gaming experience like never before.

4.Wearable Gaming

Whether it is glasses or smartwatches, wearable gaming technology makes it more ubiquitous without being too invasive. Wearable technology started as a result of fitness applications, however, there is a paradigm shift, and now the technology is geared towards the entertainment industry as well. Wearables have become part of the body, and by extension, you will love the gaming console extensions they offer.

Cloud Gaming

Cloud technology is one of the disruptive technologies we have ever witnessed in our history. And it is taking over the gaming technology industry too. Instead of developing a video gaming systems that require more intuitive and powerful hardware, developers are leveraging to lighten the load through the cloud. Moreover, games no-longer have to be limited to the memory space or the discs consoles they offer. Opening up the cloud allows gamer”s to open up massive server limits, where you can image can be sufficiently streamed to your screens through the internet. Moreover, there is a frenzy of on-demand gaming currently taking shape-where gamer’s can watch and share live-stream of games.

5.Voice Recognition

Are you lazy to pick that controller? There is no problem! The voice-controlled gaming has been around for a while, and the potential of using the technology within the gaming systems is finally taking shape. PCs are finally able to recognize voices and commands from users quickly. Not only can you take advantage of this technology through turning the console on or off but also you can issue commands to control the game-play, play selections from your library media, and interact on social media by directly talking to your gaming system.