Yesterday a lot of reviewers received their first RX Vega 64, along with their final drivers, which had no issues at all. The card was compared to GTX 1080 Ti (Factory-oc), GTX 1080 (Factory-oc) , GTX 1070 (stock clocks)
In 3Dmark the CPU doesn’t matter that much, its all about the Graphics card. apart from this, we expected the RX Vega64 to beat GTX 1080, which is quite true. The GTX 1080 Ti is still faster than RX Vega64, but to be honest RX Vega64 wasn’t meant to beat 1080 Ti. We will see how RX Vega64 performance increases with Ryzen Threadripper, and also with the final drivers. These drivers aren’t that good, considering the fact that 1080 and 1080 Ti’s have received a lot of updates after their release, so this means RX Vega64 might have a performance increase.


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Via : Videocardz