So finally the 1080p benchmarks are here, previously we wrote about RX Vega 3DMark performance, which you can view here. The RX Vega performance is absolutely stunning, it is using the same HBM2 memory, which was first used by AMD Fury X. The memory is quite fast, comparing others. What we have seen so far, is that RX Vega 64 is performing similarly to GTX 1080. But wait what? wasn’t RX Vega 64 meant to beat the GTX 1080? well supportively yes, but it’s performing similar within less price, so that does make sense. Maybe the RX Vega performance increases after several updates, I’m saying this because RX 580 and 480 had the same case. The 480 was meant to beat 1060 6gb, but 480 was slower. After the initial release days passed, the 480 performance increased and was able to beat GTX 1060 6gb. You can view those benchmarks here. The GTX 1080 and 1070, on the other hand, have some plus points, like better power consumption and it’s in stock, so what else do you need
Apart from these all factors, the RX Vega is out of stock, and its currently being sold a lot, due to miners. The RX Vega is very good for mining though.

Systems used in benchmarks


  • Power Consumption


  • Rise of the Tomb Raider DX 11


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Dx 11/12.


  • Ghost Recon Wildlands



  • Counter Strike Global Offensive


  • 3DMark


  • Unigine Superposition


  • Blender


  • Adobe Media Encoder


  • Cinebench R15


Is it worth buying?
Well, basically owners with Freesync monitors now have an enthusiast grade GPU, that can make things work. The RX Vega was performing really well in couple rendering software. I know it’s meant for Gaming, but what else is lovable, when you have a Graphics card, that can render and game on a high-grade scale? Both Vega 64 and Vega 56 are running out of stock, so grab your one now

More Benchmarks :

Special thanks to Linus for benchmarks, go subscribe him here