We Recently updated you about the upcoming Ryzen 3, and here we are again with the benchmarks, being originally done by HardwareUnbox, so all credit goes to him. The Ryzen 3 is seemingly doing good, they are providing exact price to performance ratio that AMD stated, how ever let’s see how it competes with the Intel’s latest gen processors. The benchmarks are much more of programs, and a bit games are also too, so here is the quick comparison between their prices and their performance.


Power Consumption:


  • 7-Zip File Manager


  • Handbrake:


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC


  • PCMark 10


  • Corona 1.3 Benchmark


  • PCMark 10 (Digital Content Creation Score)


  • Cinebench R15


  • SiSoftware Sandra 2016


  • Excel 2015



  • Mafia 3


  • Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation


  • Battlefield 1


  • Hitman


The Ryzen 3 is surely a good processor, and what we can see from the benchmarks is that they are performing almost equal to the i5-7500. The Ryzen 3 1200 costs about $120 so that something quite good when comparing the Intel processor prices. Further more the 1300x is performing almost equal, mean while 1200 is lacking a bit behind, we can see that AMD surely didn’t disappoint their users, and kept their words. The Ryzen 3 is a truly solid deal, how ever we thought that the Ryzen 3 won’t be any better than old generation Intel processors, but the story here is change, the Ryzen 3 is superior to the old processors, that include Core i5 3470, and Core i5 2400, and others. The Ryzen 3 is actually now a competitor to i5-7500, which is unique. Users thought that the processor was meant to beat Core i3 & Pentiums only, but well this year AMD has truly changed & surprised everyone. We’ll keep you update as we get any more information. Again Special thanks to HardwareUnbox for providing us with the benchmarks again, you can subscribe to him here.


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