AMD RYZEN X Overclocked Feature


The launch of the new AMD RYZEN 7 CPUs has been a controversial fact in the CPU market.With lower prices and higher performance charts AMD is aiming to own the CPU market, To which INTEL has decreased their 6th 7th gen CPU prices to keep the balance maintained.And here we bring you some of the all new RYZEN 7 1800X CPU features.

Not to mention that the AMD were aiming for at least 40% IPC (Instructions Per Clock) improvement over Excavator and later on they claim to have it pumped upto 52%.Which on its own is a great improvement.


The new AMD RYZEN 7 1800X CPU Features:
8     cores
16   Threads
14nm Technology
With the base clock of 3.6GHz
and the boost clock upto 4GHz.
having 4MBs of Level 2 cache (L2)
and 16MBs of Level 3 cache (L3)
with the 95Watt Power Draw
and with the price of about 499$.
(Note:The prices May vary depending on the area and the time you are looking for it.)


With all that said…
i think AMD is really looking foreword to provide good processors with reasonable prices.
And the new RYZEN 7 CPUs have changed the way we were looking at AMD a while ago.
With best performance and lower prices its finally a chance for the mid level gamers to have a taste of high end gaming with mid level budget.