AMD Ryzen TheadRipper

A Step up from AMD.
AMD at the Computex 2k17 has confirmed X399 desktop platform along with the Ryzen Threadripper processors.
The specification of these chips was not confirmed at the moment however the foreign media Ocaholic still manage ed to find out the specifications of their new chips through their sources.


AMD Ryzen thread ripper will be using the TR4 (sp3r2) socket.
The total number of these processors are Nine with each one having a different amount of cores and Frequency etc.
It will also support Quad Channel DDr4 Memory configuration. Up to 40 MB of cache.
A built-in PCI Express 3.0 interface controller on the 64, 48 line designed to work with Graphics Cards


So far what we know about the Threadripper:
It will have Maximum 16 Cores
It will have Maximum 32 Threads
Maximum of 64 PCI-E Lanes
Supporting Quad Channel DDR4 Memory Configuration
X399 platform


The thread ripper CPUs are supposed to launch in the summers 2k17.


No doubt AMD is working its best to provide quality hardware, not only to keep its users happy but also to dominate the Market.
But we will see how well the Ryzen Threadripper Goes when it is available for the consumers in summer.