AMD Vs Nvidia, Which Cards long last?
Some people complain a lot about their Graphic Cards age, that they bought it last year, and now there is no optimization for new games, no drivers update, and no bug solutions. It’s true that typically every year a new major game is released, that degrades the graphics card performance so bad that the GPU manufacturers then focus on a new Graphics card and that’s where the Graphics cards go old. For example, the GTA V changed the whole market, and for that, the R9 Series by AMD and GTX 900 Series by Nvidia was released, which made it easy for users to play GTA V on decent settings. If you realize this is the place, where the old card owners have to face issue, the HD series by AMD and 600/700 series by Nvidia got eventually old, but the GPU Manufacturers didn’t stop updating GPUS, until modern day titles like Syndicate were released, which were impossible for HD/600/700 card owners to run

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Here is the big question, Which Company Graphic Cards long last?
Well, generally speaking, I think AMD cards last long, let’s take a look at their history and compare it to Nvidia. The R9 390 was slower than 970 in its initial release days, the r9 390x was also slower than 980, but after few months passed, the R9 390 and 390x passed 970/980 with their performance, the main reason is that AMD cards last long, they are like wine, they get better and better with time. AMD also doesn’t disappoint their old gen card users, like they didn’t release RX 480 to beat R9 390x owners, but it was performing better than 980/970. AMD cards do last long, if we look at the GTX 970, it is really messed up a card now, meanwhile, the R9 390’s are going very well with their sales, they are out of stock on amazon and Newegg. Same situation with GTX 980 and other 600/700 series card.