Recently rumours & some fans were pretty happy, when they saw the Assassin’s Creed Empire picture, it was leaked by an employee of Assassin’s Creed industry, which made things go far.

Rumours also stated the price point of the game, many people were busy asking for pre-order, they also said that Assassin’s Creed Empire will be released in mid April but sadly this news is fake.There is no Assassin’s Creed Empire, & it is not situated in Egypt or any other Country/City.

The following picture was rumoured to be of Assassin’s Creed Empire.

When some Assassin’s Creed fans asked about Assassin Creed Empire if it is true or not in reply the Head AymarAzaizia replied with a very simple answer “Not AC :)”, He actually meant that image is either fake or it is not of Assassin’s Creed Empire, maybe another game?                                                                                                                                  Well who knows? Some Rumours also stated that Assasins Creed Empire map will be twice bigger than Assassins Creed IV Black Flag map.A Polish & Chinese site also stated that the gameplay will be Co-op and the story will be continous from Assassin’s Creed syndicate, surprisingly these all aren’t true no one actually knows what Ubisoft And Assassin’s Creed industry is upto maybe something even better?

Ubisoft has an amazing oppurtunity to take the advantage of users reviews on this game, & make a similar game of Assasins Creed Empire so that users wont be disappointed, they should also fulfill users’ requirements on what they supposed like, Twice bigger map, co-op gameplay, they should add all those features for which the fans are waiting from a long time!



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