Assassin’s Creed Franchise:

Assassin’s Creed is one of the best open world adventure games and has provided us with some of the best titles of all time.
Assassin’s creed unity and assassin’s creed syndicate are popular among them.
Recently leaks were out about the new assassin’s creed game titled “ASSASSIN”s CREED ORIGINS” and it got Assassins Creed fans very excited.

Confirmed Leaks:

Leaks have confirmed that the new title is in fact titled “ASSASSIN’S CREED ORIGINS”.
And it includes and extra mission for the pre-ordered ones.The game is set up somewhere alongside Egypt.


Rumour say that this new title will be announced on May 19th however it is not confirmed yet.


According to the rumours, this new title will be based on a vast open world and will have two playable characters.

Ubisoft truly is amoung the best of franchises and Assassin’s Creed lovers surely are exited for this new release.