Today at E3, Ubisoft Revealed their Game Assasins Creed Origins, which is something change when looking at other Assasins Creed Games, The Trailer was quite fantastic, The Players in Assassins Creed will be able to build their Own Empire, the Game is situated in Egypt, where the place is fully surrounded by Deserts and Oasis, The surroundings are ancient, fully old, The Game has a History of 3000, and It is also the Story of 1 man who is called “Banyak”

Banyak is the Protector of the village, According to Jean Guesdon from Ubisoft, Banyak will fight against Dark Forces and for this, he will acquire his Brothers, the Game is all about Brotherhood, He Said its ” A Brotherhood in the shadows”. The Game also has old Rome Gladiators type Arena where the Players have to fight 1vs1. The Game is a full adventure, and Ubisoft has included a huge RPG element to the systemic world. Banyak is from Village Siva, and it’s his home. In Assassins Creed Origin’s you will be able to Ride horses as well. Banyak has his brothers who are Assasins and they will help him out sort the problems. Banyak is also originally an Assasin and, In The Game, you can also play as the Eagle, who is known to be the Banyaka Spy.

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Feature Lists:

  • Work began on Origins before Unity
  • All-new combat system, more focused on hit-boxes.
  • As we fight, an adrenaline bar fills up and when the two attack buttons are pressed, we will unleash powerful docks
  • New artificial intelligence. They no longer take turns to attack.
  • There is no mini-map, if not a bar above the Elder Scrolls-style screen
  • The protagonist will crouch
  • History is still a secret
  • The eagle vision is a subtle pulse that emphasizes objects, not enemies
  • The game takes place during and ascent and reign of Cleopatra
  • You can scale anything
  • Both small and large cities include landmarks such as Memphis and Alexandria
  • The leakage of the controllable eagle is certain
  • NPCs have a day / night cycle and have their times to eat, sleep, work and do their needs
  • The attack buttons are the right shoulder and the trigger. The left trigger is to focus on an enemy.
  • There are treasures to find in the depths of the water (sunken ships, forgotten ruins, etc.)
  • Personalization Statistical Item Removed
  • There is a new system of equipment in which the players can improve specific parts using materials
  • The leveling system has a limit of 40
  • Bayek is not the only characters in the game, but the other is still a secret
  • There are legendary items
  • You will no longer be able to eliminate enemies more powerful than you with the hidden blade
  • The buttons to run freely up and down have been eliminated
  • The puzzles are back, more challenging and with less levers
  • Many more depth in the branches of skills with three alternatives (Prophet, Warrior, Hunter)
  • There are gladiator battles in combat sands

Ubisoft Published the Gameplay & Trailer of Assasins Creed Origins