ASUS Strix GTX 1080 tiA picture from gadgets360 showing The 1080Ti.
The Strix GPUs from ASUS has always been on Top, taking lead no doubt the Strix series has been a successful series for ASUS all the way from the 750ti to the 1080 ti, the Strix Graphic cards has caught the PC enthusiasts attention.Here we are again starting with ASUS, showing a mind blowing and slick GPU design of the all new GTX 1080 Ti.
ASUS flashes its Strix’s GTX 1080ti and everybody has lost their mind, with better temps and appealing design and the upgraded cooler, the Strix 1080ti beats the founder’s GTX 1080ti in both temps/noise & performance wise.Considering the improved cooling on the 1080ti and with its OC feature, the Strix GTX 1080ti appears to be one of the best overclocking GPU.
The ASUS STRIX GTX 1080TI is based on the PASCAL technology and it is packed with a tone lot of new features and stuff.


OpenGL                   OpenGL 4.5
PCI-E                       3.0
Memory type           GDDR5X
VRam Amount          11 GB
Boost Clock              1708 MHz OC mode,
1683MHz Game Mode.
Base Clock               1594 MHz OC mode,
1569 MHz Game mode.
Memory Clock          11100 MHz OC mode,
11010 MHz Game mode.
Memory Insterface   354 Bits
Outputs                   1x Dual link DVI-D Native
2x HDMI 2.0 Native
2X D-ports Native
Connectors              2x 8pin power connectors
HDCP Compliant      YES
Maximum Resolution  7680 x 4320


The Strix GTX 1080ti comes with
40% larger heat dissipation area for better cooling,
0DB technology, For less noise and power optimization.
30% cooler and 3X quieter.
Amazing design, 3x Wing-Blade cooling fans.
DirectCU III
Auto Extreme technology
Alloy Power II
Aura RGB with Modular Shroud
GPU tweak II
Xsplit Gamecaster
Nvidia NSEL and Nvidia Gameworks.


The New STRIX GTX 1080Ti will be released in early April, So stay tuned for it.

As usual ASUS has gotten our attention, Especially with its Strix edition Graphic Cards, which Pc enthusiasts find it more attractive and amazing, And with its 0Db technology minor loads never bother you with even the slightest sound from those gpu fans.


As always…Really impressed with ASUS’s New 1080TI.
Amazing looks, Amazing design. Customizable shroud for different PC setups.
Better Performance, Lower temps, Silent design and everything else sound amazing about this GPU.
And Team-Green surely must be exited for this release., especially  GPU lovers.