Today EA Explained their upcoming new DLC, which is called In the Name of TSAR, The new expansion brings completely new features. The New DLC will bring new vehicles, characters, missions, features.

You will be able to play as Russian Character, including Women’s Battalion of Death, this is something completely new we have seen In a DLC From EA. The Battlefield Franchise announced the New Maps, which will be launched at this Summer. The Premium pass owners will get the advantage and they will be able to have 2 Maps from the They Shall not Pass, which is about to come. EA has said that 8 Maps will come till this Summer. They also included a supply drop feature where you will be able to request drops while fighting the enemy

Trailer :  [youtube]

Battlefield is totally pushing the limit, they will also soon introduce their new DLC Called Turning Tides in December and Apocalypse In early 2018.