The demand for computer games has been bountiful in the recent times. It is for this reason that game contenders are mushrooming across all genres as game releases are on the rise with high gusto. These games are characterized by a slew of quality and classic invention. So to say, several of the released games are really amazing but there are few that are totally great and deserve a standing ovation. Here is the list of the possible best video games.

Resident Evil 7: Bio-hazard

This game was developed by Cap-com and is compatible on the platform of Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Additionally, it is a survival horror shooter first-person video game that carries a terrifying experience. Besides, you will take the role of Ethan Winters and explore the abandoned Louisiana mansion in search of your wife while being pursued and stalked by Baker family.

Why you should have it; it is a richly directed and produced game incorporating a chilly atmosphere that delivers true fun. It presents terrors that will take you from the physical world to a creatively coiled world of fantasy featuring all possible evils that you can ever imagine. This is worth trying out.

Vanquish computer games

This sci-fi console game was developed in 2010 by PlatinumGames and published by Sega. The third-person high action shooter is compatible with Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.  It features great invention of 3D shooter genre that presents a fast-paced action play style use of heavy weapons such as explosives. The game’s AR mode gives a player chance to slow down its action speed.

The game is a must to have due to its visuals, pace and over-the-top style. This gives you a cool gaming experience of confronting robots. It has however received criticisms owing to its length and missing multiplayer.

Gravity Rush 2

It is an action adventure game developed by SIE Japan Studio and directed by Keiichiro Toyama. This 2017 released PC game is a sequel to Gravity Rush best plays on PS4. Its core mechanic lies behind the player’s capability to creatively manipulate natural gravity to create room for artificial navigation.

Moreover, expect some few control problems as you manipulate gravity. Also, be sure of a fresh and interesting experience that will definitely keep you latched onto the game. It is a game that you will want to play now and then.

Yakuza 0

This classic action-adventure third-person game is developed by Sega and directed by Kazuki Hokosawa. It was released for PS3 and PS4 platforms. Besides, it is an interesting game that gives you an imagination of theft auto without considering the massive ammunition put in use in its quest. Get yourself into the Yakuza business environment be involved in their foul money deals.

You will get the fun that you yearn for in the world of gaming. It is a game that will keep you be glued to your console. Get it and taste the real experience.

Several computer games are available in the market right now. It all depends with your taste. These are just but a handful of them.