Today we will bring you a collection of most beautiful Graphic Cards ever made, the Article is opinion piece so you can suggest what you like, We can also admire the fact that we PC enthusiast love to seek the best and the most good looking Card, These beautiful Graphic Cards are truly good looking and they are something Unique and rare, the cards may be from Series

or a specific design by an aftermarket brand. Don’t worry we also gonna count the old cards not just the new, there are so many beautiful Cards in the market, let’s just give you conclusive images.


Galax HOF Cards

Galax Hall of Fame cards are really beautiful, they are the best cards suitable for White themed PC, they are quite heavy still the HOF provides a stick with it so it can be hanged, The card is awesome without a doubt and so It gets the entry to our Collection



ASUS 2.0 Anniversary Graphic Cards

The ASUS 2.0 anniversary graphic cards were a quite beast within the performance and obviously, with the looks, The card has solid looks, the enhanced fans with Golden ASUS logo on it looks really Perfect. The Top which has ASUS 2.0 Logo also makes the beast look even good. The Colour on the card is all matching, which makes the Card looks perfect.



R9 290 Vapor-X/ Trix 

The R9 290’s from Sapphire were a total beast, in fact, the cards are truly meant for Yellow/Blue Themed PC’s. Both cards have SAPPHIRE Led Logo, which lights up in either blue or yellow. The cards have great cooling properties & fine overclocking potential. No doubt these cards from SAPPHIRE are totally worth buying


GTX 960 100 million Edition


This card has always attracted me to Itself, the Red Gaming X version from MSI is very common nowadays, but the Green color is just awesome, the card is truly remarkable within its Cooling potential and looks, The card has Green MSI logo, which has Green Led lights, the heatsink with the Led lights are looking so Good and Smooth, the Card has a backplate too which has MSI dragon logo designed.


Kudan GTX 1080

This card is a total beast, you’ll get the idea once you use it, The card has total 4 slots, and is quite heavy, the card is very rare and is not available on any shopping site yet, though some rumours say it’s available in China. The car is beautiful and has approved our Beautiful Graphic Cards collection


Gainward GTX 580

Just look at this card how beautiful it is design, It is truly a piece of art, the Gainward, GTX 580 was really a good card In its initial release time, The Card has super black color, with Golden text on it, the heatsinks are truly looking Good and makes the card even beautiful, the card still has attention of many users out there


MSI Lightning Edition

The MSI Lightning Series were really good, they were a good example of beautiful designed Cards, the 980 was quite Good, had crazy yellow design, super overclocking potential, with Great Cooling statistics. The Lightning cars never disappointed us, the 780 Lightning was a great card the 980ti Lightning was great card, and recently MSI introduced their new GTX 1080 Ti Lightning Card which has similar looks too, you can view the pictures here 


GIGABYTE 980Ti Xtreme Gaming Windforce Edition

You will get the idea that It’s a 980 Ti, but it GIGABYTE Xtreme 980 Ti, one of the best looking cards ever designed by GIGABYTE, The cards are factory overclock and have decent Overclocking potential, they have RGB too which can be controlled via Software, Everything on the card looks decent and beautiful, the Ring lights surrounding the fans look superb. You can view different Colours in the first Picture.


EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

The new GTX 1080 Ti from EVGA is really cool, has beautiful three fans design, Led lights on top, It’s a completely new design factor from EVGA and looks really superb, the card has gotten the attention of everyone since its release day you can view the details of EVGA 1080 Ti here


You can tell us what card you like In the comments, these all cards got our attention since their release day and after hearing a lot of positive views regarding these cards, we figured that we would write an article on the best looking Graphic Cards, Do you agree with the list? which card do you think doesn’t belong there? let us know in the comments


Here are some more Awesome Pictures!