COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill, but thankfully, connecting with people remotely is easier than it ever was. Video calling applications have become lifesavers not just for big companies holding all-important meetings on them, but also for regular folk who just want to catch up with their friends and family. There’s a wide variety of prospective apps available out there, and some of them are likely to be present on your phone. Today, we’re going to list out the best video calling apps and give you the low-down on their unique features. Without wasting any more time, let’s get down to it.

Facebook Messenger


If you have a Facebook account and all your friends are also on Facebook, the Messenger app is a great choice. Just click on the camera icon in the chat window of whomever you want to call, and keep adding other people to the call as per your wish. The limit is set at 8 people, and everything, from mini-games to AR filters, is present within this app. The best part about it is that there’s no need to search for your contacts, as all your Facebook friends will be immediately available on it.


Houseparty on the App Store

Houseparty has been around for a very long time, but it’s only during the lockdown that it has grown in popularity. The app’s distinctive feature is that it allows you to add friends to your list, and then, whenever you start a video call with any of them, the others receive a notification. They can then choose to pop-up in the middle of your video calls to spruce up the party. You can even choose to lock the rooms in case you don’t want people joining your calls. Up to 8 people are allowed at a time, and there are several games available for them to play, such as Pictionary, quizzes and more.

WhatsApp Messenger

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Here’s an app that everyone’s familiar with. It used to allow just 4 people to be on a video call at once, but that has now changed, with a total of 8 people allowed to join a call. WhatsApp Messenger is a bare-bones video calling solution that does not feature any fancy filters or mini-games. A huge advantage is that you don’t need to ask people to download the app to video call them, as practically everyone already has it on their devices.


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Admittedly, Zoom happens to be more focused on professionals, but it’s incredibly useful for large groups of people wanting to connect. If more than 8 people want to get on a video call, Zoom happens to be the best option around. One person can create a meeting, and send across a link for everyone who wishes to join. It’s an incredibly sophisticated app with support for muting, chatting, drawing and much more.


Instagram (@instagram) | Twitter

Here’s another app that’s already present on almost everyone’s smartphone. Instagram also limits 8 people to be on a video call at once. Where Instagram differs from the crowd is it allows you to share images and videos that you’ve recently liked with others on the video call. AR filters that are updated regularly can also be played around with.

Now that you know the features of all the best video calling apps, go ahead and select the one you like most and stay connected with your friends over a quick chat.