Rockstar’s PS2 Hit Classic, Bully has just arrived onto the developing platform, Mobile as of its 10th Anniversary. It is a memorable Open World GTA Type game from its Era. It revolves around the life of 15-Year-Old Jimmy Hopkins, who is left at Bull-Worth Academy to study the year by his cynical Mother who is seemingly going on a Honey Moon with her second husband. Jimmy soon realizes he must claim dominance over the bullies and some other groups before he is victimized.
This port, labeled “Anniversary Edition” contains the content of the original PS2 game and all of the extra minigames and content from the “Scholarship Edition” However this version has the upper hand for a number of reasons. This one feature high-resolution and high-quality textures of the world and its details, the HUD is better and well defined than that of the PS2 Version, the controls have been tweaked to the finest for touchscreens, and for those who want to have a better experience on their iPads and Tablet PCs, there is added 3rd Party Controller support. The redesigned lighting and enhanced visuals make for an awesome experience.
It features a new competitive game mode only for handheld and everything in the original game itself. Ask us, for the price of 6.99 Dollars it is a remarkable and unique experience for such a small price.

iOS= iPhone 5 and above + 2.4 gb storage. sixth-generation iPod Touch, fourth-generation iPad and above, iPad Mini 2 and newer, and the iPad Pro
Android= Any devices OS 4.0 above with enough storage and processing capacity.
Rockstar usually release its games on 10th Anniversaries, just like we saw the GTA Games. Rockstar never fails to satisfy gamers. Who knows what the future might hold? Maybe GTA IV 2018? Or red dead redemption.
Editors Opinion= This game is well designed to fit in your palms at the touch of a mobile and works like a charm. There are no noted drawbacks except for those who aren’t used to gaming on mobiles, who might complain of the tight controls on devices with small screens.