There are so many Graphic Cards these days, you might be confused, here is the guide which will totally give you confidence after you read it. We will discuss some Common things and some basic things you should also know. We will also discuss which aftermarket Graphic Card you should get, there are dozens of brand ASUS, MSI, GIGABYTE, HOF. iCOLORFUL, XFX, Sapphire. Well, some people would consider their own Ratio but I personally consider EVGA & ZOTAC for Nvidia and XFX & Sapphire for AMD. Well that’s just me, since It depends on what Graphic Card you are buying


Well before buying any Graphic card, that is long or triple slot you should check if It’ll Fit your PC or not, Long Graphic Cards like Strix, HOF, GIGABYTE G1 Gaming are not compatible with most Cases. Some Cards are Triple Slot and are totally hard to fit in Conjusted Cases.



Well, Backplate is another factor, Backplate has a lot of advantages most Graphic Cards out there don’t have Backplate which is a serious issue for some people. Backplate helps heavy card from sagging, and also Helps in Airflow and keeping dust of the Grapic Card. Apart from this Backplate is a cover too which protects your Graphic Card and looks beautiful with themed Rigs.


Fan Design & Cooler

Some Graphic Card nowadays are quite good in looks but they are actually very hot and their design is just waste. You should always check the Airflow of the card, and its fan design, Tri-x Fan designs are usually very good they help keep the card cool, Dual fans are also fine if they are having proper airflow. The Graphic Card fan sizes also matter a lot.


Overclocking Capabilities

Some Users have Reported that their card runs too hot when overclocked, Some have also reported that the Card isn’t able to overclock heats up a lot. Well, Its true you also always check company Core Clocks & Boost Clocks so you should be able to get the best performance, If you wanna Overclock the card so buy the Coolest Available Card. Cool cards overclock well and so their temperature remains cool.



Some Graphic cards have really worst quality, they are total Plastic, their fans are easy to break and easily break when fitting in case. You should always check the Quality/Material of the card because It is the most Important Factors, some Cards have really bad Fan blades and they easily break and rip off once touched.



One of the most important factors, you should always check the Reviews of the Card on Amazon, Youtube where the Buyers have given their comment. This will help you a lot since you will get to know the Good/Bad Points of the Graphic Card you are purchasing


Card Looks RGB Factor

Well, some people will find me Stupid, but trust me once you don’t like any Graphic Card by its looks, you’ll immediately try to change it, My Suggestion is to buy the Card which has RGB so you can switch colors according to theme, this will allow you not to upgrade when changing themes. RGB looks nice why not spend extra $10?


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