Corsair at Computex 2k17, Taiwan

Corsair being one of the world leaders in tech hardware and PC parts went a step further when they revealed their two new Concepts for PC enthusiasts at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Taipei.
The Corsair Concept Slate And Corsair Concept Curve.
Both of these new concepts will provide an amazing range of new options and new ways to build your PC better than ever before.

With these two new concepts, PC enthusiasts will now be able to test their art of PC building to a whole new level.

Corsair Concept slate

Concept slate is the concept of big tower PC, with a huge verity of Liquid Cooling and mounting options. It can support even two motherboards with Sli or crossfire configuration all Liquid Cooled.
The Corsair Slate is a whopping 120 Litre volume capacity. Providing a wide range of possibilities you could do with it.You could even set your Qual SLI or Crossfire Configuration in a horizontal mode without having any issues with space for mounting fans and those Quadruple 140mm on top and Dual quadruple 120mm radiators in the front that you have.
And with those tempered glass side panels, you can really make an iconic piece of machine as long as your imagination flows with it.

Corsair Concept Curve

The Corsair concept curve is a rebirth of the iconic Graphite 780T with a beautiful Hand finished Carbon Fiber finish.
With curved tempered glass design and stunning looks, The Corsair Concept curve really makes a PC enthusiast fall into its imagination about the possibilities this beast can offer.
Prototype RGB fans in the front with Orange finished in the corner makes it look stunning.
The concept curve provides you with its amazing looks and beautiful build design to make your build one of its kind.

Sync It

With the reveal of concept slate and concept curve, the Corsair also announced Sync It.
Sync it is the concept of synchronisation of all the different RGB components in the PC.
With Sync it a PC enthusiast will be able to synchronise its RGB peripherals to its liking. Syncing Corsair RGB fans, RGB CPU coolers, RGB strips, keyboards, mice etc is now easy as a click.


It’s amazing to see how Corsair always come up with such amazing ideas and PC building concepts, and the PC enthusiasts surely love how Corsair provides us with quality stuff.
Surely we will see some remarkable Pieces of machines flashing these new concepts from Corsair. And we sure are looking forward to it.