Recently a guy scammed his friend for $100,000, what he did was that he backed off from the deal. Traders and collectors are really rich, they care a lot about their items and other stuff. They also trust their friend collectors. Recently a Chinese Trader & Collector, called QkSs gave his friend a huge sum of loan, the loan was about $100,000 In CSGO skins that included a lot of rare skins. After receiving items, the guy regret giving items back and scammed him, but Qkss was aware of his address and stuff, so he submitted a report against him to the police. The Police took action and arrested him immediately, how ever there is no confirmation if the items were given back or not, but surely he must have gotten his items back.

Scammers inventory ( His 2nd Account ) 

How come the items are worth $100,000?
if you look at his inventory, he has some rare skins. One of few doppler he owns has a float of 0.1, which is very rare. Some of his skins alone are worth $2000, Here is Qkss Inventory.
Apart from this whole story, I was really surprised that Chinese police took action against it, and arrested him.


McSkillet on this situation:


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