“Cyberpunk 2077”, an Intriguing name isn’t it? Well, I could give my interpretation of it, right? Let me start. Cyber has to start with the internet right? Then punk means useless person. So merging the meanings we got “Internet Useless Person 2077”, there.

But we are not here to catch fun today, we are here to see and know as much as we can of this game that only left a teaser trailer with very little or no information of itself for us to exploit on. Let’s dive in.

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How big is this game, why so much time to release?

About the headway of this preoccupation, I think it is in the process for a truly delayed extend of time. The architects of this preoccupation are from CD Projekt Red, yes they are moreover the specialists of the notable “The Witcher 3”. In advance Cyber Punk 2077 was first revealed around 2 years earlier and beginning at then simply has 50 heads tackling it, however at display, with their excitement and wishes to drop this entertainment speedier, the headcounts have gone up to 300 and we don’t know whether they will incorporate more developers or not.

It is in like manner said that the engine used to make this delight is a far changed engine appeared differently in relation to what was used to make The Witcher 3, known as RED Engine 4.0. The specialists have furthermore ensured that the redirection will be more noteworthy, exquisite and more beguiling than the past.



Plot & Story.

The Story or Plot of the amusement is altogether not quite the same as that of The Witcher’s, next to no or nothing were gotten from The Witcher to this diversion. The Story recounts human on the very edge of termination which has driven them to change body parts with machines. Which is, so to state the vast majority of the populace in the open world city known as Night City are the half machine, half human.

The story likewise informs us that the occupants of this city don’t communicate in English, however ease up, the designers additionally made interpreters accessible. The story does not really point to what we are anticipating from this diversion or neither does it clear up us on what we are to be doing. In any case, some news dropped that were significantly spinning around the hero. What’s more, the hero is practically the story.

All things considered, I don’t comprehend what it is, possibly it’s a he or she. The news additionally informs us that we have the adaptability of building up our character the way we esteem fit. Yipi Kayee, that is the genuine Open World talking. From how the light circles around this hero of our own I figure it will be extremely extraordinary.

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The gameplay of the diversion is flawless, so bona fide that one could practically say it is genuine, however in any event we know it’s most certainly not. The amusement can be delighted in from two perspectives. Either the primary individual view or third individual view, whichever way the player discovers more agreeable for his or herself. The second prominent thing about the gameplay is the declarations of sentiments and feelings and even the exchange of emotions starting with one body then onto the next. Truly, you read right, emotions can be moved in this amusement.

In any case, that is not quite recently all the third reason that is incredible. We as a whole recollect the battling film DOA: Dead or Alive? You recall the innovation that was utilized to outfit and copy the battling abilities of the best warriors? That innovation was connected in this exceptionally diversion.

This innovation is called “Braindance”. Indeed, even with the name, the innovation is clear as crystal, moves are finished with the contribution of particular successions and examples, however here the mind just bosses those arrangements and examples from another body and execute them with the mother body as if they are self-produced. The Braindance can duplicate everything from sentiments to muscle moves, which makes it an assignment for each player to build up their characters always. Possibly they wanna make the amusement so captivating it would appear that a real world.

The game’s story, though it’s not fully released uncovers the fact that the game was specifically meant for single-mode playing. But I also find it fascinating to see that the game also has a multiplayer mode included in it. Maybe, maybe no one wants multiplayer for this game, cause I think I will be so hell-bent on getting to the end of the story before going out to catch some fun with the multiplayer mode, but it’s known that one man’s meat is another’s poison, so definitely the multiplayer mode might be more preferred.

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Exciting Features.
Open world you had heard earlier might not be a lie, the word says that the game will feature flexibility up to the use of machinery like cars and planes and bikes and whatever it is that will be in the year 2077.

Well, I will really appreciate it if they brought concept cars from real life companies to life in this game. I think that will also be a marvelous move.

How big will be the map comparing Witcher 3?
We’ve also found out from some insiders and sources that The Witcher 3 is gonna look like a child’s play in the terms of map space compared to Cyber Punk 2077. It is said that the original map of Cyber Punk 2077 alone will be bigger than

The Witcher even alongside its DLCs. We also suspect that Cyber Punk 2077 will also use the same map reveal strategies just as The Witcher 3. You know complete quests and get to new locations and stuff. We think the exact slap to the face is 5 times bigger than The Witcher 3 plus all DLC.

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Any Characters making an entrance in Cyberpunk 2077?

Let’s talk about the characters in Witcher 3 and if they are making an appearance in Cyberpunk 2077. Well, there is nothing stated by the officials, that if they are going to make an appearance in Cyberpunk 2077, however, some rumors say Ciri will make an appearance.
Here is Ciri giving an evidence about Cyberpunk 2077


Language and Gameplay.

Again backpedaling to the dialect to be utilized as a part of the diversion, most parts of interchanges in the amusement will be voiced. Furthermore, the voicing in this diversion is not in English. Furthermore, here is the place the feelings come in, the engineers are anticipating local people to talk each in-English dialects in order to express the feelings from the very words they say, which is an overwhelming zest to the diversion.

I don’t know yet what it is they are discussing when they say the amusement will have in-fabricated interpreters and that players are going to need to get it. Furthermore, that every interpreter will be as effective as its cost. So my range of perplexity is whether players will purchase with in-diversion cash or genuine cash.

In the event that it is genuine cash, at that point they are falling even before they began, however in the event that it isn’t well at that point profiting in recreations has been one of the best delight of gamers. Be that as it may, even it is to be paid for genuine cash, since I am rich doesn’t mean others aren’t.

Some other facts about the game are that we are expected to be looking forward to very gore graphics and I wouldn’t know what it is exactly we are to be expecting, whether it’s sex scenes or too much violence or very bad languages. But whatever it is, the developers are stating out that the game is not meant for children.

I think from the age bracket of 10-15 years is a definition of kids. But we all know that no one cares about the ratings. Everyone is gonna want to play the game. We will be waiting to see what it is kids should abstain from.


Release Date
Well, I guess there are ears to the ground to know when the release dates are gonna be, well as we all know and if you didn’t know earlier the game is still in an early stage of development, very early. The developers are hoping to bring this game to the market in the early periods of 2019. I for one isn’t expecting or praying for or wanting any delays. And I believe I speak for many when I say so.
The game will be out on the following platforms PC, PS4, Xbox One and we are hoping that the game will also be supported by PS4 Pro and Xbox One X.

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And currently, that’s all we have on this Action Role Playing Game. The info is very sacred and well kept but hopefully, there will be another leak of info and then definitely we will update you. So if you wanna stay updated with us, then don’t touch that dial, follow us up on various social media platforms so that you know when info is served.

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