Headphones, one of the must-have tech items. That may be for Gaming, Listening Music, Making content in the studio and pretty much everything related to sound.
But what headphones should you buy?
What type of feature It may have to fulfil your needs?


In terms of the MX666 Bluetooth stereo headphones, there is not much these headphones offer when it comes to $35 price tag.

When it comes to looks and design for the Mx666 headphones, I personally think it is well designed. Glossy finish, Beautifull synthetic leather on Earcups and headrest makes it look very nice.

Build Quality:
Build quality of Mx666 is decent. synthetic  Leather used on Headrest and Earcups. Adjustable size and a decent amount of flex built in for durability. Glossy Black rigid plastic makes it lightweight and gives it a bit of flex as well.

Packaging and Accessories:
The packaging could be better.
it comes with a simple Charging cable a manual and the headset itself.


Sound Quality:
Sound quality is not that good as it should be.
Definitely not recommended for gaming and content creation.
However, it provides decent experience while listening music during Jogging and exercise.
Listening music from mobile and watching movie etc.
A small amount of sound bleeds through the Earcups but is unnoticeable.


  • With unique sound quality in the same wireless headsets.
  • Signature appearance and 40mm HD driver unit provide clear sound quality, thus bring real depth and definition of your favourite music.
  • Strong sound quality and function, unique individual character style totem, super light headband aim to bring the most comfortable wearing experience and the best durability.
  • Distance:abour 10M
  • Battery Volume:300mA


Connectivity and convenience: The headphones connect to PC via External Bluetooth USB, this was somewhat problematic. But I somehow managed to connect it to the PC, however, the sound stream was lagging and wasn’t functioning normally even in about 2 to 3 feet distance. However connecting the device with a Samsung Note 3 smartphone was easy as it was expected to be. Connects right away and no stutter and lag issue appears, Same was case with ASUS Laptop.
It has 5 buttons on the right Earbud for Vol+, Vol-, Forward, Backword and A power button
A volume Adjusting Knob, A micro SD card Port, a Micro-USB port for charging and an Aux cable input for direct audio connection

The sound quality is not good considering the $35 price point.
I personally would use it while exercising and jogging. However watching a movie is not that bad either.