iPhone X, what? I mean what’s wrong with number 9, Windows also skipped 9 now Apple has done so also. Whatever it is they avoid in 9 is in their best interest. For ages, we’ve all known that Apple Inc has been known for their impeccable hardware, and that’s a total manifestation in the iPhone X. Before we list out its details, our overview of it is that it is just a phone with high-end display, media capabilities, and strict security.

Let’s advance with the structure of the phone, in the past iPhone has struggled with the screen size in all of their mobiles, all thanks to the home button and the metallic coverings on top and below the screen. Well, now there’s good news and bad news. Good news first the iPhone X features 5.8 inches wide screen and the bad news is the traditional round home button has been eradicated. Yea I know many are going to miss that. Worried about the navigation of the phone? Well with the all new iOS 11, the navigation made with the home button was replaced with on screen gestures and also side buttons on the rounded off edges of the phone. Well if not for one thing the iPhone X would have been all screen, but you know the selfie camera is highly needed. iPhone CEO has said for quite a long time they have always wanted an all screen phone, and today this has been achieved in the iPhone X. Also for the first time in history iPhone makes use of the OLED technology in their phone. Which means that the phone will have super marvelous displays and a very high color accuracy because of the Retina Display assistance coupled with the OLED display.

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Home button eradicated? What about security, well you remember the space left for the camera, as it where the camera isn’t the only thing in there. The new TrueDepth Array as Apple calls it all aligned inside the space. The TrueDepth Array makes the iPhone X capable of unlocking upon a glance with the Face ID technology which is almost the same with Finger Print ID except for the fact it is a replacement. But this time around it is more secure, it is stated that the phone can recognize you after the first capture with a series of processes as setting up the Finger Print ID, even if you grew beards or wore glasses or put on makeup, it can and will always recognize you using dotting technology coupled with dedicated infrared cameras to even spot you in the darkest of dark and also a dedicated processor to make sure you don’t wait all day. Even more to it, iPhone X achieved what many other brands couldn’t, “anti- face ID tricking”. Yes, Apple stated that they had worked with famous costume makers and mask makers to train the TrueDepth Array to not be tricked, and to be cultured with the behaviors of a fake face. The technology also enables you to access apps, including banking apps and also making payments just by looking. The TrueDepth Array is not just  for security purposes but to also achieve the name “smartphone” in the iPhone X, the phone doesn’t go off once it sees you staring at it, neither does it make loud notification sounds when you are looking into it, because it knows you are seeing all at the moment. Wow, this is fascinating, isn’t it?

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The phone’s body is made from surgical grade stainless steel, and this is said to be the best material ever used in making a phone before. It also states that the phone will be waterproof and dust proof and I will love if it happens to be explosion proof like the iPhone 7 red edition. On the inside, it packs 3gb ram and a variant of 64gb and 256gb both varying in price and also the latest Samsung’s A11 Bionic processor which is also said to be the most advanced processor ever made. Of course, with all these tasks and processing the phone is gonna be needing some serious horsepower to drive it.

The gestures used to replace the home button are said to be very natural and will be easy to adapt to so they say, well we will be on the look out. Some gestures are, sliding from the bottom and this will take you to the home screen from anywhere, by simply swiping up and pausing, the multi tasking pane will be opened showing all running apps, sliding from the top down will open the customizable control center. What a marvelous deeds by iOS 11. Just get it and feel it. About the buttons on the side, pressing and holding the correct one will launch Siri.

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Well, not very mind blowing but interesting fact of the iPhone X is that it can be charged wirelessly. I know, I know this has being invoked for some time now but this one’s different, with all the devices from your Apple Watch, to EarPods, to the EarPods Casings all have intimacy with the iPhone X. Also you can charge all devices at the same time on the inductive pad because there’s enough space for all and voila everything starts charging and here comes in the intimacy. The iPhone X can show the battery status of the other devices while charging. Apple also now has their own inductive pad known as the AirPower. They also stated that the phone will have better and longer lasting battery than the iPhone 7 by 2hours and will also have a lesser charge time. I hope they solve the battery problems once and for all.

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Now moving to the center of attraction of iPhone X. Before now, Apple has been known for impeccable and outstanding picture qualities and camera performance. And it got more beautiful in the iPhone X, with a slightly different camera setting which is rotated by 90 degrees, making the camera on the iPhone X stand horizontally. The rear camera is powered with a 12 mega pixel camera and the front with a 7 mega pixel camera. Both sophisticatedly enhanced to handle slow motion videos and even 4k videos, this is just splendid. Also, the iPhone X carries powerful built in photo editing applications and video making applications also. The front camera also helps to build the Animoji, a replacement of the emojis used in texting with previous iPhones. The Animoji copies your facial expressions and can even input your voice into them, I don’t deem this very necessary, probably just for fun.

And now that’s much power packed into a really small space from what we can see in the little details that have been provided to us. What do you think? Is the iPhone X an overpriced phone or a functional machine of the future? Remember as usual the prices will vary based on the storage capabilities. With the 64gb going for $999 and 256gb going for $1,149. You can pre-order from October 27 and shipping starts from November 3 2017.

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Well if you can’t lay your hands on iPhone X now, actually Apple unveiled 3 iPhones at once, the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. So the 8 series come with the home button and features that are very close to the iPhone X too. Stay tuned with us, to provide you with information on any development of the iPhone X.