An exceptional sequel and continuation of a captivating series known as Far Cry. Which had started its first prequel in 2016. Fast growth for a franchise right? Well, that’s because of its interesting and captivating storyline. We are going to dive into detail of this sequel, Far Cry 5. Let the exploration begin.

Speaking of development, this game’s development is still in process and it’s currently not near completion. But it’s a joint task force operation, yeah you heard right, the word is not only for the military. Ubisoft Montreal, Ubisoft Shanghai, Ubisoft Toronto and 2 other divisions have hands joined in the development of this game. Just like it’s prequels this game is developed by Ubisoft and will now use a modified engine to power Far Cry 5. Which will give the game better graphics, better gameplay, and better everything.

The Story or the Plot, which ever you prefer hearing is based on revenge and duty on a free and beautiful land known as Hope County, Montana has been overridden by a militaristic cult and powerful family known as “Project at the Eden’s Gate”, led by a Joseph Seed and his siblings, just like I said, powerful family. As a duty, a new deputy Sheriff sets out to stop Mr. Seed and wipe him off the land but that won’t be possible to achieve alone. Voluntary assist lines up as people who bear certain grudges for certain reasons against the cult Teams up with the Sheriff to chase them off the land. And there comes the mixture of revenge and duty. What ever other developments on the story of the game are yet to come.

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Talking about a sequel, this game seems somehow similar to its prequel except for the location. The controls and gameplay overall is almost the same. But there is a variant with the American small town setting and the Far Cry 3 Indonesian setting. But busting up enemies defenses and outpost is a lot similar to before. For me, I will say that Far Cry fans that were expecting something totally different will get a disappointment, with a cheering up of environment spike up. Spike up in the sense that the environment seems a lot more detailed this time around. Driving around in a car and flying a plane is still in play here, also even the malfunctioning of machinery when they get shot at a lot. The controls are still intact just as usual even with more improvements.

Speaking of which, let’s detail some things about the in-game. At the beginning of the game, your teamed up allies pop out with an addition of a dog. That’s 2 soldiers plus a dog, making it 3 help mates. Well, I guess everyone loves dogs, and I bet that the dog will be the most selected partner after the full release of the game. The dog can be very functional in the aspect of mapping enemies and scouting camps. I wouldn’t know about the other two partners I hadn’t seen their capabilities. Also, the first mission involves you, the player driving a car and flying a plane and there are even extra activities you could engage in, like fishing.

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Well, this game has a dual mode. You can decide to lock yourself in and play alone or decide to connect with the world and have a cojoined fun blast. I am not a very big fan of having group fun, but being personal a lot can lead to boredom, so hell ya let’s network and catch more fun. So the game contains a single player mode and a multi player mode. Choose ye this day whom to follow.

Yipi Kaylee, I will not say the rest. Shoot this up shoot that up, this game as we all know is all about shooting from a first person angle. This game is adventure packed so, we can conclude that the game is under the first person shooter, action-adventure genre.

Amazing Graphics enlivened with new Engine, something that is typically expected of each continuation. The diversion is brilliant and magnificent and exquisite and some other word you can use for it. The diversion is all around point by point, with a ton of structures inputted in it, the eyes love what it sees and yours will love this amusement. I wouldn’t know whether it has a 4k see yet the ordinary view is astounding and fulfilling to me. For a delightful diversion like this, the designs is a mysterious fit for it.

Interesting sound, a sound to the ears is the thing that I will call the soundtrack of this diversion. Ubisoft has never neglected to give a calming sound and music to any of their diversions in the past and by and by they didn’t neglect to in this one. The sound is exactly what I call a brilliant alright.


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The game is set to be released 18, February 2018, and can be pre-ordered now. I wouldn’t want any delays as I am already daydreaming of this game.

Well, fellas, this is still 2017 and there is still information beyond arms reach. Currently, this is all we know about Far Cry 5. Any further developments will also be revealed to you here. Stay on Track with us for your updates on this game.

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