The FIFA 17 was an awesome Game, the Fifa series had been Good as we expected. Recently EA Confirmed About FIFA 18 Release and official said that it’ll release on September 29, 2017. The Game will have similar Storyline to FIFA 17 and will be based on whether Alex Hunter will come back or not, what will be his future, that’s all FIFA 18 is about.

Platform Of FIFA 18  

EA has Reported that FIFA 18 will be released on PS4, XBOX One, XBOX 360, Nintendo Switch & PC, The Game Pre-Order will be soon available on Origin and other Platforms

FIFA 18 Cover Star  

Well, we all know that Ronaldo had a wonderful Year, therefore EA made Ronaldo Cover Star of FIFA 18. EA has also Included a Ronaldo Edition Package, which the users can buy this will include several Gifts and Unique Items, Apart from this Users who bought Ronaldo Edition could play it on 26 September, 3 days before the Official Release.

The greatest player in the world has helped drive the biggest leap forward, in the field, we’ve never done,” said Aaron McHardy, EA Sports FIFA Senior Producer. “We are extremely happy to partner with Cristiano – working with him we have learned a lot about his particular style of play, and what makes him so special. His passion, energy, and global fan base make him the perfect ambassador for FIFA18. “

“It’s a real pleasure to be on the cover of FIFA18,” said Cristiano Ronaldo. “It’s a great feeling and I’m very grateful to have been chosen.”

FIFA 18 Trailer