one of my Favourite games of all times is getting Remastered from its 1997 (PS1) graphics to the (PS4) that’s right Final Fantasy 7 is getting remastered onto the (PS4) system with new graphics and details.

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Final Fantasy 7 transformed the gaming landscape in 1997 and is rightfully praised by many as the greatest JRPG ever made. It was introducing the genre to millions of new fans with its imaginative characters and unique setting.

After two decades Square Enix has finally decided to deliver a remake, and to be honest it is still taking sweet time about it. The concept of a remaster has been teased ever since a short tech demo debuted on PS3, and now, it’s finally becoming a reality.

Square Enix has shifted the development of Final Fantasy 7 Remake from external partner CyberConnect 2 to its in-house team. Having been announced almost two years ago now, we still have no idea when FF7 Remake will be launching.

Taking development duties away from CyberConnect 2 is a “sensitive subject” according to Square Enix.

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