For Honor is a medieval themed combat game, developed by Ubisoft. It has received a lot of praise and complaints both
For Honor Officially Costs $59.99 USD, $60.

It’s available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The best thing critics have appreciated about For Honor is its Multiplayer mode, which is a mix of small and large battle and the battle mechanics and settings of this game blend in quite good with it. The only flaw of this game is its bad single player campaign, which according to many gets monotonous and is very forgettable and buggy. The game requires an internet connection even while playing offline.
The Story of For Honor narrates about 3 factions which are at war against each other for things like resources, food, water. They are Knights, Samurai, and Vikings. Quite unexpected for these 3 to pop up together even though in real life the trio’s time period was very different. In short, the story is quite boring and most people don’t even play it to be honest. That is the reason why the Singleplayer of this game has been called “Forgettable”.
The multiplayer is praised because of its combat. In order to be a good player one must learn all the combat mechanics including parrying, striking, and fakes.
Besides this, there isn’t much to the review as it is a good game in a way but also bad in a way. In short, Singleplayer sucks and multiplayer rules.