Half Hour Ago today in E3 Microsoft show, Microsoft revealed their new Forza Motorsport 7, which is complete new environment Game. The Game had the beautiful Cars & Open environment and is said to have released on Xbox One And Microsoft PC Game store.

Dan Greenawalt creative director came with a surprise and said “Flagship motor made debut with Forza Motor sport 7” after this they showcased the new Porshe 911 Gt trs, It is the world’s most powerful Porshe. The car was never seen before and appeared on the show. Microsoft official said that Porshe made 6 Year partnership with Porshe, this is why they showcased their car in the event. Microsoft stated that Forza has 4.8 Million active members around the globe, the Game will run on 4k 60 Frames per second and will support super high resolutions. The Game includes Greatest Driving Roads, Race through Environment and will run on a massive scale. The Racing in Motorsport 7 is more Dynamic and will run on Xbox One without any issue.

The Game has 700 Cars Collection, It is the largest Car collection ever In the world, the Car collection introduces Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porshe collection. The Game totally looks promising

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dokpy_KIuyA&w=854&h=480]