It can be said that combining a new PC can be both stressful and time taking and the final result may not be as decent of a machine and convenient as you would have thought.
A laptop is very convenient, easy to carry and is getting slimmer by the day. This laptop is the ultimate balance between convenience, ease of use, durability, multitasking, holds a great battery life and is suitable for many different functions. This laptop is GIGABYTES AORUS X5 MD
The X5 MD is the fastest notebook in the format of a 15-inch notebook. The laptop contains a Core i7 with up to 64 GB of RAM and the fastest, latest and must have for any virtuous laptop is the Geforce GTX 1080 with 8 GB of memory aside. Just these specs awaken the tech geek inside of me.
The X5 MD apart from a great computing performance delivers the promise of good sound for everyday work and gaming. Additionally, it has 3 USB C type ports and an HDMI 2.0 for transmitting image signals.
The pre-installed IPS panel resolves with 3.84o ×2.160 pixels Aorus and supports G-sync for liquid presentation. Users should be very pleased with the pre-calibrated display.
What I like about this laptop the most is the keyboard and the perfectly placed mouse pad for efficient gaming without your hands getting tired if you are not using an external mouse. The keyboard has an illuminated backlit display with a colourful display which may look a bit weird. The keyboard is nevertheless in full format; with the numeric pad for efficient date entry which has not been featured in many recent laptops.
The laptop also offers a great battery timing which may be about 6-8 hours based on the function being used as it has 6200 Mah battery which will satisfy all your battery needs from a laptop. We also reviewed Similar Laptop like this which had GTX 1080 too
Like all great things have a price, this great machine has a high price tag which may not be very economical for many users but it can be said that overlooking the functions of this machine the price tag of about $3000 seems fair for many professional users.
Overall this laptop is the most balanced and may be one of the best laptops for many needs which may suit you. To reciprocate the price may be high but you will be getting THE BEST in the market right now.
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