Google Pixel Smartphones:

Background of Google Pixel 2: Google recently stepped into the smartphone Market with their first Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphones.
Both of these smartphones got popular among users and made a decent reputation in the market.
Google once again is here to amaze us with their new Google Pixel Smartphone, this time it is called The Google Pixel 2 and has brought quite interesting Specs and Features with it.


The Google Pixel 2:

The rumours about Google Pixel 2 are out for quite some time now, And it seems that Google has worked their way to improve their smartphone with the latest hardware and software and better results as a whole.

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As for the release of the New Google Pixel 2 Series smartphones, there are no solid claims to go with, However, experts have predicted that it will be released sometime in late 2017.
People suggested that it most likely will appear the same time as the Google Pixel And Pixel XL were released last year.


For the specs of the Two devices, the Walleye (Pixel 2) and Taimen (Pixel XL 2), rumours say that both will have high-end Hardware to go with it.


The Taimen is rumoured to have
5.99 Inches 1440p HD display
Also, have 4GB Memory
Snapdragon 835 processor
Dual LED flash light and Single Back Camera

The walleye will most likely have
9.7 Inches 1080p HD display
4GB memory
A Snapdragon 835 chip
64GB or Larger Storage
Both the devices are pretty much identical. The back is said to be Two-Toned glass and Metal design just like the previous devices.




The Rumours so far about the New Google Pixel are Great.
It’s nice to see how Google used the latest hardware and software, although the dual back cameras would be appreciated more considering the demand of the feature nowadays, However that won’t be that much of an issue anyway. We will see how it performs in contrast to other high-end smartphones ones it is released.

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