GTA V Redux Mod 8K PC Gameplay: Well we previously saw some iconic videos from the same Youtuber called ThirdtyIR, the Youtuber usually records some beautiful footages of 8k Videos, and some months ago he posted an 8k Video of GTA V In Redux mode and It looks really amazing, Here is the Video

His Specifications
Monitor: HP Z27Q (5K) | Dell P2715Q (4K)
GPUs: 4x GTX TITAN X PASCAL 4 WAY SLI @ 2050Mhz / 11404Mhz
MoBo: Asus Rampage V Extreme (X99)
CPU: i7 6950X @ 4.30GHz
RAM: Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR4 3200Mhz (64GB)
PSU: Corsair AX1500i
OS: Samsung 850 Pro 256GB
Games/Programs: Samsung 840 EVO (RAID-0) / Samsung 850 EVO

Battlefield Bad Company 2, 8k Footage.
Witcher 3 8k Footage.
Assetto Corsa 8k Footage.
Mad Max 8k Footage.
Get Even 8k Footage.