Haf also knows as High Airflow Series, well no doubt that Half 912 and Half Advanced X were really great cases for their price, they offered serious premium features at just $50-$70 Price point. Fans always supported Haf series due to their good quality features and obviously the material.

After like 3 Years Haf cases from Cooler Master are back this time they introduced a really enthusiast class case which is quite beautiful and well designed. According to Cooler Master, this isn’t a normal case, it is very High end since it offers all features that are currently required by PC Builders

In Computex 2017 Cooler Master showcased their Haf H500P, which got attention of everyone out there… let’s just check what the Hype is about, lets jump to its material and features

Haf H500p is made up of Premium Good quality Plastic and has Acrylic Side panel both on Front and on Top. It has Dust filters in front of its vents, has a Theme support. It has RGB so you can switch any colour or just colour cycle through. Haf H500P has 2 fans support In front but you already Get 200mm 2(x) fans from Cooler Master that are RGB. You can Control the lighting from front IO that will allow Users for easy access to RGB. The front two fans are enough for horizontal/vertical airflow that’s why it is also known as HAF. It has a Transparent Glass cover which can be easily mounted back in Old ways, You shift inside and It doesn’t drop same way you shift it upside too. It has a lock on The Glass so users can easily lock it since many users complained that they have lost the keys of the Case.

Inside it is much like a Mastercase Concept, it is fully Open inside and has a beautiful Shroud, which is Modular. The Hard Drive Cages are not visible since they are fixed at back thus this will allow users to showcase their PC more beautifully. The most important feature of this case is that It comes with a free Vertical GPU riser or bracket.

In front, it has 2x USB 2.0 And 2x USB 3.0, mainly they added 4 Ports was because the old Haf 912 and Advanced X had a lot of complaints regarding the USB Ports, therefore Cooler Master took this issue seriously and added 4 USB Ports. It Has 2x Headphones Jack one is for mic and second is for Head Jack obviously, Apart from this something new popped up from Cooler Master that the new Haf H500P has a Power Button but it has no Cooler Master written on it, It simply resembles Cooler Master Logo so that People would recognize Cooler Master By Their Logo.

On Back it has a Wire Cover which is really of nice Quality, this would mainly hide your cable just Like the NZXT S340 Cases have. A CPU Backplate Cover which is also included by Cooler Master, It has 2 SSD Brackets on back

On Top it has similar brackets like we have seen before on Cosmo Series, the Top Supports 360mm Radiator which will fit without any issue, the Bracket is modular meaning it is removable

Well the return of Haf series is quite fantastic because personally these are one of best cases from Cooler Master, they are also known for their High End Airflow. Although With this Release Cooler Master didn’t disappoint us, the case is quite nice and looks really awesome weather its the features or the Quality, Special Thanks to Dimitri From Hardware Canucks for Pictures!