The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 has just gone official with plenty of new features to boast of. It follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, the Galaxy Fold, which was launched last September with a book-like opening mechanism and an outer screen for quick access. Quite a lot of controversy surrounded the device at the time. Its screen had serious issues prior to its release, which led Samsung to delay its arrival by months. A lot of things have changed this year, but the price hasn’t covered much. In fact, it’s a good $20 more this time around. The $2000 smartphone is certainly not aimed at everyone but those who are all for a premium extravagant smartphone, have a lot to look forward to. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Updated Screens

The foldable design means the Galaxy Z Fold 2 offers two displays. One on the outside, that’s a generic panel and one on the inside that grabs a foldable design and remains hidden until you open the phone. This internal screen is a 7.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED panel with a resolution of 2208 x 1768 pixels. Moreover, it’s got an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate as well. Thanks to the foldable nature, it offers an unusual aspect ratio of 22.5:18. Apart from being slightly larger than its predecessor’s screen, this one also gives up on last year’s large front camera module to opt for a single hole-punch on the right side. This screen is protected by Samsung’s Ultra-Thin Glass (UTG) which was introduced on the Galaxy Z Flip, which was introduced earlier this year.

Coming to the outside panel, referred to by Samsung as the Cover screen, it’s a larger 6.2-inch display this time around, compared to last year’s 4.6-inch display. That means there is some serious shrinkage in the bezels, which is always good news. It’s a Super AMOLED panel with a tall 25:9 aspect ratio. Using this extremely tall panel is surely going to be a pretty peculiar experience, so we can’t wait to get our hands on it.

New And Improved Hinge

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The hinge is a crucial part of the foldable phone experience and Samsung has understood that which is why this year’s Z Fold 2 ships with a state-of-the-art hinge design that lets you lock the screen at a variety of angles. This makes way for the Flex mode, which tailors the user experience according to what angle you’ve opened the phone at. Place it on its back like a laptop and the keyboard will automatically appear on the bottom part of the screen. Turn on the camera in this mode and the phone will automatically frame your shot to get the best selfie. A ton of such multi-tasking features are made possible by such a design. The hinge also features new elastic ‘sweeper’ brushes that are meant to keep dirt and debris from getting into the hinge mechanism and damaging the screen from behind.

Amazing Camera Setup

There are a total of five cameras situated at three different locations of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. The obvious placement is that of the triple camera setup on the back that includes a 12MP f/1.8 snapper with a wide lens, dual Pixel autofocus and OIS. That being the main sensor, you also get a 12MP telephoto camera with OIS, PDAF and 2x optical zoom support. And then there’s the 12MP ultra-wide camera that offers a 123-degree field of view. 4K video support is available on the main camera, while you also get 960fps 720p clips for super crisp slow-motion footage.

The remaining two cameras are meant to capture selfies. As we had mentioned above, one of them is nestled inside the hole-punch on the interior display. As for the other one, it is predictably placed inside the hole-punch of the exterior panel. Both these cameras are 10MP in resolution and give you viewfinder feedback on whatever screen you choose to use them with. But you might not end up using them at all since there’s a way to use the rear camera setup for selfies as well. With the phone opened up, all three cameras can be used for capturing selfies, with the viewfinder being displayed on the external screen. This versatility gives the imaging experience on this Samsung phone a big boost and also opens up a whole new world of different ways you can use the device.

Beefy Specs

Ticking at the heart of the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is the Snapdragon 865+ chipset from Qualcomm that gives the phone its 5G capability. Both mmWave and sub-6GHz spectrums will be supported by this phone, while Ultra-Wideband for spatial awareness connectivity has also been added to it. The SoC offers the benefit of an ultra-powerful 3GHz octa-core processor that’s paired with an Adreno 650 GPU for superior graphics. You will be able to purchase this Samsung handset with 256GB or 512GB of UFS 3.1 storage and both the models will offer a whopping 12GB of RAM.

The battery is a 4500mAh unit with 25W fast charging support. Fast wireless charging of 11W is also supported along with reverse wireless charging at 4.5W for juicing up other devices. Two important things that are missing here are water resistance and a headphone jack. You also won’t be getting a microSD card slot, but with 256GB of base storage, few will be complaining. In case you’re wondering where Samsung has placed the fingerprint scanner of the device, it’s present on the side surface, along with the power and volume buttons.

Price and Release Date

Samsung plans to start shipping the Galaxy Z Fold 2 in around 40 markets from September 18 onwards. No market except for China will get the 512GB storage variant, the price of which remains a mystery for now. But as we said, the 256GB base variant will be made available at $2000. Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze are the two colour options and some markets will also get the choice to get a different coloured hinge.