Horizon: Zero Dawn first released in North America on February 28th and then in other territories a few days later. It is available exclusively on PS4 and normally runs at $59.99 USD. The Game is developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive, This Game took Guerilla Games debut to next Level.

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero has sold 3.4Million Copies Since its launch. Recently on March 16th Sony announced that Horizon: Zero Dawn has sold 2.6 million units sold in its first two weeks on the market, making it the First Part IP launch on PS4. Horizon: Zero Dawn is the second best Selling PlayStation 4 Game till now.

Comparing these numbers with other Games, let’s take Example of Uncharted 4 developed by Naughty Dog, Uncharted 4 sold 2.7 Million Copies on its first Week Launch, the Witcher 3 GOTY Sold 4 Million Copies In its first 2 Weeks, making it one of the best. the Witcher 3 2015 GOTY Edition Crossed many records across PC, XBOX, PS4. Comparing Resident Evil VII Which was released in January 2017, has sold 3 Million Copies till now.