AMD Vs Nvidia

well from the past few months we have seen exotic Releases from AMD as well from Nvidia, we Saw the RX Series from AMD and the new 1000 series from Nvidia which Included GTX 1060, 1070, 1080, 1080ti, & The AMD RX Series included RX 460, 470, 480, 580. We can’t just compare AMD with Nvidia Directly but somehow we can just put them head to head. Let’s just Compare RX 480 because People would be like no way it is not better, Here is the equation. The Geforce GTX 1060 was faster during Release, It has 6gb Vram and is a bit expensive than 480. The RX 480, however, had 8gb VRAM and was quite slow during Release day. Recently a Youtuber Hardware Canucks did some benchmarks after the AMD Crimson Update, He Tested both the Graphics Card in some Games and here were the results.



That’s just a quick benchmarks however if you wanna see full results go Check Hardware Canucks from Youtube, we have not posted all the list, but as the benchmark proves that average benchmarks are being won by AMD RX 480, meanwhile we saw 1060 again Winning in Battlefield 1 in DX11, It also won in GRAND Theft Auto V, but as yu can see RX 480 was better than 1060 in DX12 results. The Benchmark showed RX 480 winning in 1080p as well in 1440p.these were the results from December 2016, we would still see better results in 2017 since AMD stated that 480 performance has increased by 2%.We can really see that AMD has improved their performance, we can also say that Judging in its release date is not fair since It is not optimised that well during its release days. We will sooner or later also do the benchmarks of 460, 470. One thing about AMD is very special they don’t disappoint their previous generation Graphic Card owners, they released the 390x and later 480 but the 480 never had better Performance than 390x, this Is how AMD really cared about their Old Gen Card owners, unlike Nvidia disappointed their previous gen card, users. The 1060 3gb was kind of better than 970 and In the same time the AMD r9 390 popped up and benchmarks were released which showed r9 390 beating GTX 970 in 2016 December. During the initial GTX 970 Release days the R9 390 was lacking behind the 970 but now it Is beating the 970 in DX 11 as well DX 12.


Intel Vs AMD

Well there is no doubt AMD is starting to make things go In their own way, their FX series were not very good with temperature although their Price ratio was very good and this is why FX Series use to fit Perfectly in Budget. We Recently did a post on Ryzen Winning Award, we saw that the newly released Ryzen 1600x was able to beat Intel 6850k with almost the half Price, and AMD Ryzen 5 are no doubt getting better and better with time, they have exotic features and are none the less they are cool. In the Past time AMD Had bad reputation regarding temperatures but now we can say that AMD has really improved during the past few years. Even Ryzen Heatsink is better than Many CPU Coolers out there, Some days ago a Temperature test was held in which the Ryzen 5 CPU Heatsink showed giving the same performance as Cooler Master 212. We also saw Zen receiving best Technology award. Recently Intel teased their i9 Processor Poster that shocked everyone. Basically, Intel itself is confused, in Computex 2017 Intel designers were asked about Socket of i9 and they were rather confused and were unable to answer. Meanwhile, the AMD ThreadRipper lineup was released which we saw as an Enthusiast class Processor Series. Well, we can’t just say that AMD is better than Intel but what we can predict is that AMD is competing with Intel and is quite pulling things ahead. We will see how The Ryzen ThreadRipper lineup will do and how It competes, The Future will tell us obviously



Well with all this discussion some people would still prefer Intel over AMD, and Nvidia over AMD, we can’t just actually say that AMD Is better than Intel and Nvidia but however we can see that one Company is competing against two well Known Companies which is really a big surprise. We haven’t seen Nvidia Against Intel because that makes no sense.

We can obviously count on future and see how the new ThreadRipper lineup will work and how the VEGA will compete, that’s all we have for you this time, we will Probably keep you update as we get any Information Regarding Thread ripper or VEGA or i9 from Intel.