Cleaning Means alot

Cleaning and maintaining your PC is very important, it shows how much you have your actual love & care for your hardware.According to some enthusiasts cleaning PC also increases performance, many CPU coolers work too slowly when they have alot of dust in their heatsink fan, and for that cleaning is must.Some keyboards stop working after alot of keyboard keys catches alot of dust, for all that solutions we will show you some ProTips for it!

Cleaning LCD.           

Cleaning LCD Is very obvious for better vision,to clean LCD their are some pro Tips aswell

  • Get a microfiber cloth, that is soft tissues wont work with liquid solution
  • Gently wipe the screen. Don’t press hard, it may damage your LCD if you press it too hard
  • Wipe the frame with the cloth or a duster.
  • If your pc is too much dirty use a solution of equal parts vinegar and water, same microfibre is used in vinegar and water solution.

Note : Always turn off your LCD before cleaning it.


Cleaning Keyboards.

Cleaning Keyboard is very obvious for easy key use, many keyboards stop working after alot of dust is stored inside keys.

  • Well first of all take out all keys and take a picture of It so you dont forget assembling it back.
  • Use small microfiber or Ear brush to clean dust
  • Dont use liquid solution for cleaning inside Keys it may burn your keyboard
  • To Clean all keys take them out perfectly and clean it with any old brush make sure you rub it well so all dirt goes off.

Note Never clean your keyboard while its connected to PC.


Cleaning Case

keeping case clean shows the actual love with hardware!

  • Take out everything like motherboard , CPU , HDD , Graphic Card sata cables everything
  • Take out all dust filters, and clean them properly with brush or a little water solution
  • Never clean your PC With water it may damage the USB wires etc
  • Take microfibre or any other cleaning cloth and rub it welll on case

Note Cleaning case isn’t hard just dont clean it on carpet it may cause electric-current when you assemble everything back


Cleaning Motherboard

  • For Cleaning motherboard use soft brush or microfibre
  • Rub it on all places where it has dirt
  • Use blower for dust that is stored inside motherboard, to which you cant access your brush.

Note : Never clean it with liquid solution & never use vaccum or blower on high speed it may damage the small critical pins.Never rub microfibre or brush too hard it may damage the motherboard.Rubbing it with alcohol is possible but some enthusiasts consider it dangerous aswell.



How to Prevent dust and dirt acces to  PC?

Well a very common question is always raised by every user and gamer, there are alot of reasons usually..

  • Many people fit the fans on the wrong side this means insted of taking dust out it takes in.
  • In many cases dust filters are not present that causes the dust to enter easily, always buy case with dust filters on all sides, for better cleaning.
  • Always close the side panel, many people think opening side panel doesant matter. Yes it does when the side panel is taken off the dust easily enters.
  • Clean your surroundings so the dust wont easily go inside your case, usually the dust comes from surrounds.


Cleaning Mousepad!

Well cleaning mousepad isn’t the hardest job you can easily clean it but It takes alot of effort & time.

  • If your Mousepad is plastic covered use any vaccum/blower to clean it, soup works too sometimes.
  • If the surface of your mousepad is fabric try rubbing gently with a moist washcloth or rag and a bit of shampoo
  • clean it with shampoo and wait for a while till it dries
  • After you clean it with shampoo put it in sunlight.
  • Shampoo is a mild cleaner that’s gentle on most fabrics and on skin, for mousepad it is way easily cleaning it


Cleaning Graphic Card!

Cleaning Graphic Card isn’t easy, for many those who really dont know how to clean it should never try it.Note always take out your graphic card before you clean it.

  • take off the backplate remove its screws
  • You will have the acces to the actual heatsink as shown in the picture.
  • to remove dust from fins use any brush and clean the dust easily, & dont press it too hard,
  • You can also use cotton swabs, many people consider cotton swabs because they clean anything too easily and quick
  • for cleaning fans take them off, un-screw them clean them with brush dont damage the wire, & never use liquid solution to clean any PC Product and obviously The Graphic Card.


Cleaning is very important, same is with everything.All users should clean their PC components because dust and dirt usually slow’s anything.Anything clean also looks good and shows the actual care of any hardware, A true owner would never leave his product in dirt & dust.

Things like microfibre, old brushes and cotton swabs are really helpfull in cleaning any PC component, Liquid solution usually never helps because it always damages the product, many people think hardware is just like a cloth openly clean it in Water.This concept is 100% wrong hardware is totally different it has change cooling strategy.