HyperX will soon introduce their new RAMS to the market, the new Rams are DDR4 and will feature somewhat 2,400 MHz Speed to 4,000 Mhz, HyperX has not stated any official statement whether it’ll support Ryzen or not though Rumours Say it’s only meant For Ryzen, The new Rams will feature stock voltages of 1.35 volts and CAS timing values. 

The New Rams will be available up to 4 Channel Kits, and 8GB DIMMs, with all kits except 3333MHz+ modules coming with 16GB DIMMs. The Following List states the properties of the Ram Frequencies.

– 2400MHz at CL12
– 2666MHz at CL13
– 3000MHz at CL15
– 3333MHz at CL16
– 3600MHz at CL17
– 4000MHz at CL19

No official Release date has been announced yet, though some market retailers have stated that it’ll be soon available in different colours in upcoming weeks.