Yes. previously we explained the model of Colourful GTX 1080 Ti, the graphic card had LED Display and other features too, but today we are bringing some more hot news. On 26th, July 2017, Shezhen China, Colorful Technology Company Limited, manufactured their iGame GTX 1080 TI Kudan Graphics card, the card is available in China, apart from its manufacturing, the card takes the most advanced technology into performances, using the original “Jiu Duan” as a name.

  • The Card itself features 3 unique technologies, here are the names
  • One Key overclocking
  • iGame Pure Power
  • Silver Plating Technology


GPU :GP102-350Base Clock :1657 MHz (+12.0%)
Cores :3584Boost Clock :1784 MHz (+12.8%)
TMUs :224Memory Clock :11008 MHz
ROPs :88Memory :11 GB GDDR5X 352b

The Card runs at 3584 Cuda Cores, and runs at base clock frequency of 1657 Mhz, the GPU Boost can go up to 1784Mhz, the card is packed with GDDR5X Memory module, running at 11 Gbps
Mainly the Waterspout Cooler 2, is a new cooler created by iGame GTX 1080 Ti Kudan, still, the card equips iGame-Status monitor, from which you can actually see the temperatures, fan speeds, and usage of memory, its similar to MSI afterburner.
The card is having Hybrid Cooling mode, so you don’t have to worry about temperatures, automatically closed pipe junction makes this card easy to change modes between Air Cooling and Hybrid Cooling Mode. The Card has dismountable Water Cooling-kit, that has a water block, and a radiator along with pump, the radiator has special customized high airflow fans, that puts air pressure fans to make it more powerful, the radiator has a customized pump, which is quite smaller, there fore customers won’t worry about the actual size of it.