Acer Predator 21 X

In the time where gaming is getting more and more handheld and portable, Gaming laptops are no biggie. There were times when gaming laptops were big, bulky, and expensive boxes, seeming as if a whole computer had been forcibly packed into a small case. Well, unlike most Gaming latops which try to maintain both Gaming and Portability, Acer does the polar opposite with its Acer Predator 21 X Laptop. Keep reading this article to read how ridiculous or how powerful this laptop really is.

So, what is this laptop really about?
Well, this laptop was announced first at CES 2017, and then once again at another PC show at Sydney. Apparently this laptop is hell of an expensive machine, and its most prominent highlight is its Dual Nvidia Gtx 1080 graphics card! It weighs 8 kilograms and has a curved screen

7th generation (Kaby Lake) Intel Core i7-7820HK processor
2x Geforce Gtx 1080s in SLI
2560×1080 resolution
120 Hz Refresh Rate
G-Sync compatibility
21 Inch Curved IPS Panel Display
64 GB DDR42400 Memory
Four 512GB SSDs
HD webcam
Cherry Keyboard WASD Backlight
4.2 Audio System
8 Kg of weight


The Cost

This will apparently cost USD $8,999 about 9000 dollars. The cost is almost enough to rent a small apartment or buy a small vehicle. We won’t give any opinion on the price as the choice is yours.

The bottom line
So, is this feasible? Well, it doesn’t seem so. We would say Acer really did try something new. It is something new. However, this plan is not going good for them. It seems like the release of this laptop has actually been postponed in the past few months. It was originally scheduled to be released February 2017. The release might be sometimes soon though. This laptop is just plain insane. For the PC gamer, he can easily realise that in this price range he could build a much better and cheaper PC.