Coffee lake Core i7:
Yes you heard it right, Intel is going to release their new six-core processors, which will be based on Coffe lake architecture, this processor would be named Core i7-8700k, it is kinda similar to Core i9 7800x, the processor will have a base frequency of 3.7GHzz and will have Hyperthreading enabled ( 12 threads). The processor will have much lower TDP of 95w comparing the Core i9-7800x which had 140w. According to Rumours, Intel is also planning to launch Core i7-8700 non-k which will have a base frequency of 3.2 GHz.

Core i5:      
yes, that’s right, Intel is planning to release Core i5 with 6 core processors. According to rumours, the processor will lack hyper threading when comparing with Core i7 to make sense, else both will be kinda same. The processor will be called Core i5-8600k and will it’ll have a base frequency of 3.6 GHz with almost same TDP as Core i7-8700k (95w).

To beat its rival, Intel has also planned to release Core i5-8400 which will be quiet cheap and will feature 2.8 GHz core clock and a TDP of 65w, this processor is meant to beat the Rival AMD Ryzen 5.


Intel 6 Core processors for mobile
Intel is planning to introduce pure 6 core CPU for mobile, the Coffee Lake Mobile processors will feature much lower clock speeds of 2.0 GHz with TDP at 45w


I think it’s Intel’s only chance to try and beat AMD Ryzen because AMD Is also planning to release their Ryzen 3 lineup, which will beat Intel’s old generation processors, that includes Core i5-3470 etc.  Let’s see how it competes to the upcoming AMD Ryzen 3, of course, it’s meant to beat AMD Ryzen 5 still let’s see.


We will keep you update as we get any further information about Coffee lake.