At the beginning of September, Apple released three iPhones in the form of iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8+. The iPhone 8+ and iPhone 8 are somehow similar, but the iPhone X have changed various things such as the features and design. Therefore, if you want to upgrade your current phone, you must be in a dilemma of selecting the model that will suit you perfectly. In this post, we will present both the differences as well as the similarities of the iPhone 8 Vs. iPhone x in details to assist you in choosing the best phone.


iPhone 8 vs. iPhone X Features and Specifications

Screen Size

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X may have a size that is almost identical as well as weight. However, when it comes to the size of the screen, there is a big difference. The iPhone X consists of 5.8-inches Super Retina HD display while the iPhone 8 has a Retina HD display of 4.7-inches. It is clear that when it comes to the comparison of the size between the two models, iPhone X wins. However, when used in a portrait orientation, the entire width of the iPhone X display matches with the width of the iPhone 8. This means that the iPhone X is taller, but not more comprehensive. The iPhone X typically features a screen that will cover almost the entire front of the phone, making it a perfect phone and also the first to have an edge-to-edge display.


OLED Display

The manufacturing company, Apple, have put a lot of effort in creating a superior screen for its iPhone X. In fact, this is the reason why this phone is shipping more than the iPhone 8. The new screen is the Apple’s most detailed on the field of Smartphones. The OLED display consists of 2, 436 X 1, 125 pixels resolution or just 458 pixels per inch. The resolution enables the device to produce the more accurate dark colors. On the other hand, the iPhone 8 contains the similar Retina HD Display to the iPhone 7. the Retina HD display of iPhone 8 is not more clear compared to that of iPhone X.


The Speed of the Processor

Both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X are powered by one company, Apple, which owns the All Bionic Processor. Therefore, both of them have a lighting speed and also, the All Bionic Processor is said to allow a smooth performance as well as excellent battery life.


Augmented Reality and Animoji

A single thing that features on iPhone X which is not in the iPhone 8 is the ability to create the Animoji. This is a new type of emoji that mirror your facial expression. The creation is necessitated by the powerful front camera and the infrared scanner. Therefore, the iPhone X can take a more detailed image as well as mimic the entire facial expressions of the owner.


Finally, it is clear that the iPhone X provides a more significant upgrade plus the pack’s innovative features including the all-screen display as well as the facial recognition technology. This worth it if you keep the iPhone for two years. Also, compared to the iPhone 8, the iPhone X provides more exciting upgrades while the iPhone 8 offers only the modest improvement of the previous device.