Let’s talk about CS-GO, from the past few months, we have seen the CS-GO going down, there are many reasons, but to be honest, I’ve also left playing CS-GO, I Think It’s completely different now, In previous days we also wrote an article on Valve receiving 300k Refunds, which you can read here why.


Is CSGO Really Going Down:

Well, like I said there are many reasons, some of the reasons that I’m going to list and describe are

New Games
Skins & Inventory
Trading Smurfs


Let’s Start with Hackers:

Yes, from the past few months Hackers have quite increased in CS-GO, Spin bots are now very normal, valve seems to care about the Hackers, but the thing Is that everyone wants to rank up fast, there fore many have started using hack, and as the time passes hackers are also increasing.


I think CS-GO really did 50/50 work with Prime, I think they should care about non-prime and Prime matches both equally, because after the Introduction of Prime matches, the hackers have taken all over non-prime, and new players seem to have an issue with it, therefore many new players have left already.


Skins and Inventory:
Yeah, skins are increasing quite after a time, but after all every CS-GO player wishes to get the epic Skins, like Dragon Lore and AWP Medusa, still I know a lot of people who got vac On their inventory for trade ban etc and have left ever since because they lost a lot of money.


Smurfs are increasing from time to time, and I think Its one of the reasons that CS-GO Is being affected by It, many Smurfs boost their account to better Ranks with help of hacks, and later they sell it, but the buyer has to face the vac, Smurfs are everywhere, and non-Prime Players really face the issue when playing with them In non-prime, since the Smurfs have better Skills.


New Games:
Yeah, we have seen Players Unknown Battleground and many other Games being Introduced, some other Games are also coming soon to the steam, and players seem to upgrade to better games, I’ve personally seen many people spending more time on Games like Overwatch and Players Unknown Battleground.



Reasons CSGO can’t die any soon:

I think to be honest CS-GO isn’t going down any sooner or later, CS-GO is enjoyed by many and the events like ESL are taking It to next level, no doubt that Game had several issues In past few years with hackers etc, still CS-GO Is everywhere, many Twitch and Youtube users seem to stream It same like the old days and they are enjoying It, some people who would newly buy the Game would clearly enjoy It, because the Game is really great to play, it runs well too, you can get 150+ fps on GT 9800, so fps isn’t issue comparing other multiplayer Games like GTA V and Players Unknown Battleground.

Prime members seem to enjoy the Game today too, they really don’t feel any issue, since they are on safe side. People who play on SoStronk aren’t facing any issues as well, therefore Game doesn’t seem to be dead.

Well yeah, CS-GO did face a hit In the Previous Year, and wasn’t that good, still despite all the factors affecting the game, I still think that It’s an awesome Game, and doesn’t seem to be dead, after all, CS-GO Gameplay is going to remain same, So It doesn’t seem anything that will affect the Game sooner or later, I Personally think that Game will get affected If any Similar or New Game is released by Valve
Comment Below what you think about the future of CS-GO.