AMD, Nvidia:
With the release of so many graphic cards, one might get confused at whether keeping his old card or getting a new one. Today we will discuss on the current situation, these are the graphic cards, that users mostly complain about.

AMD Cards lineup
R9 390/x
R9 290/x
R9 280/x
R9 270/X
R7 Series
HD 7900 series

Nvidia Cards lineup
GTX 700 Series
GTX 900 Series

well 390x and 290x were really good cards, but let’s talk about the current situation, currently finding these cards is hard, due to mining. The cards do still get updates for various issues, but still, why would you buy a 390/390x when an RX 480 is available? the R9 390x is faster than RX 480, but it has a huge amount of temperature difference.

How ever the 480 is slightly cooler and has better power consumption. Talking about the mid range R9 280x/270, these cards are really good for their price, if the price is about $100 these cards are definitely worth it but wait do they still get driver update etc? well to be honest AMD much more likely cares about their old gen cards owners same as the latest gen card owners, and they pretty much still get updates.

The R9 290/290x are kinda good, but comparing it with rx 480 4gb, they are nothing, latest architecture, and better power consumption, apart from this the 290/290x are heavily out of stock, still if you find one for a price of $150, its totally worth it.

HD 7000 Series
The HD 700 series cards were really good because they offered price to performance ratio, apart from this they were also sold widely, but the HD 7990 was a big failure, meanwhile the HD 7870. 7970, 7770 were a good success. But the real question is, are they worth to buy In 2017. Well no, many HD 7000 users have complained that they are facing a lot of issues in latest titles like Just cause 3. Mafia 3 etc, the HD 7000 cards are still getting various updates, but they are not worth it when comparing to the R9 200 series. Still, if you can’t afford an RX 460/470/480/580, and you are getting an HD 7970, for about $70 so it would be worth buying it since the HD 7970 performs almost same as R9 280x.


Nvidia Lineup

GTX 900 Series
till last year, the GTX 970/980’s were ruling all over AMD cards, but with so many releases these cards are not worth it, the $200 GTX 1060 3gb is able to beat $250 GTX 970, and the 980 is heavily beaten by R9 390x/390’s, so thinking about it, it’s not worth buying at all. The GTX 950/960 are still widely used for games like CS-GO etc, but now they are replaced by GTX 1060/1050/1050ti. Talking about the 980ti, well, it’s kinda good for its price, as far the price is $350 because 1070 is a really good choice over the 980ti.

GTX 700 series
The GTX 700 series were really used a lot, but after the 900 series release, these cards were defeated, the 750ti is still used popularly, but the 960 has taken over it, these cards are really old now, and after the next Nvidia’s budget cards releases, these cards will be stupid to buy, since they won’t get any more updates. The GTX 770/780/780ti were also good cards, the 780ti was better than 970, but now things have changed, 1060 is able to defeat them both. So to be honest, if the price is suitable, the 780ti/770/750ti is worth it, but they can bearly survive until next year.

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