Rising and growth are expected of every living thing on planet earth, but can that also be expected of machinery? Even to the smallest breakdown of softwares? We will be discussing “Is there any chance of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS to fall?”. Sit tight, and don’t navigate your way out of here. Let’s dig.

Player Unknown Battle Ground preferably called PUBG is an online battle royale game with vast amount of space if not unlimited, with random players, some choosing to run around naked. Needless I say PUBG is only a multiplayer game that has various modes of teams to choose. PUBG was developed by Blue Hole Studios in the year 2016. So this strikes the question, why should we be discussing the growth of game that is less than 2 years.

With evolution in the world today, multiplayer doesn’t have to do with just two brothers sitting side by side playing a split screen game. It is now mostly dominated by an online multiplayer system. Being online means being on the internet and being in multiplayer mode means being in a network. Over the years there has being a rapid growth in the use of the world wide web, which has turned the world into a global village through networking. So if I were asked the reason of the super progressive growth of PUBG players, I will say it’s because of the interesting nature of the game and fascinating continuous growth of networking.

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Everything on top is development news of this radiant amusement, however, we are really needing to know whether this diversion can fall. By and large, development is not generally the main thing required, sustenance is likewise exceptionally basic and we as a whole realize that the power required to make development is not quite the same as that which is expected to manage it. Well in this circumstance I will state that the power expected to support a computer game even after its development is “intrigue”. What’s more, obviously sensible and cherished updates. One wrong move can deduct the enthusiasm of an amusement which can prompt its whole freefall inside a brief period since the building is constantly harder than crushing. Be that as it may, PUBG has discharged less awful updates and all the more great ones which keep the development outlines transcending higher, so from this point PUBG is not falling at all.

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Over to Twitch, previously games like Dota 2, League of Legends were once the king pins, but now PUBG is ruling Twitch if you asked me the reason for this I wouldn’t actually know, probably cause the player got a little bored. But some days ago Twitch showed the amount of concurrent players per game and Dota 2 was 2nd losing to PUBG by 24,000+ worth of players. Maybe Dota 2 is not bad, maybe its just PUBG’s time to shine. But we live on earth and there’s law of gravity whatever goes up must surely come down. Yes PUBG will fall from the most played game on Twitch but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Coming from the sales angle. It is noted that PUBG made 13million USD after 2 weeks of its release, and sold millions of copies and is now currently selling at least 1.5 million copies monthly. Most fascinating part of this is that this game is paid and still yet people are trooping in like mad. Give or take probably some months back they sold 2 or 2.5 million copies per month. Soon the chart might drop or it might not. World population is over 2 billion and much more could still get interested. PUBG falling from the sales angle is left for the tides of life to decide.

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PUBG just made history in this month as it took the title of “A million concurrent players”. Being the only game after Dota 2 to have acquired this title. Once Dota 2 held this title but now PUBG does. Truth is there will always be a new champion but who’s it gonna be. Because PUBG is currently growing by 100,000 players on weekly basis. Yes, a champion may come, but not today, not tomorrow either, because there’s none in sight currently. And even if one came it is going to be a very thorough fight.

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Drawing a conclusion following from all the discussions we have had on PUBG.  What do you think? Is PUBG going to fall sooner or much later since definitely, it must fall? In my own opinion, I think it will, but that’s gonna take a long time. Networking is always fun, PUBG being an online game will take time to fall, plus it already got tons of invitations from the ESports Organization. A game headed for ESports might have its players reduced but it will leave trails and make history. From my point of view PUBG rocks and it’s gonna be rocking for a very long time before going sands.