Recently in Computex, Overclocker Der8auer achieved Overclocking Intel all Brand New Kaby Lake-X 7740k to 7.56Ghz. In Computex Rampage VI APEX was also introduced to its fans, the motherboard basically targets Overclocking feature and it will be lately added to ASUS Stock. Rampage VI APEX offers incredible features that will help overclockers while overclocking, a feature that will support zero coolants like LN2 (Liquid Nitrogen) or LH2 Liquid Helium.

Well, to bring all those proofs ASUS achieved this target in front of everyone when Overclocking 7740k to 7.56GHz using X299 Apex motherboard. The Rampage VI APEX has already achieved many World Records regarding Overclocking and this time It was a big surprise!