For all those gamers who wondered whether Santa Monica Studio had something cooking, prepare to be swept off your feet! Because Kratos is back with a bang! God of war, the PS4 version, will be released in a matter of days and you would regret if you are not among the first ones to experience this. Even though a number of changes, the game is as involving as you can reemeber it to be, with the hard blows and thrashing you know it for.

Kratos as a single god was a thrill, imagine what it will be like when two gods take against Norse mythology foes-revenants, ogres, trolls and draugrs. Yes, Arteus, Kratos’ son is brought into the picture, and has just as vigor as his father. The fun keeps getting better and better.

New features have been introduced for the thirst of lovers of the game. Remember when Kratos lost his signature double blades, well, he has a better weapon-a Leviathan axe that will do similar harm to whoever triggers the anger of the great god of war. The Leviathan axe has great features of its own as it damages enemies using its ability to transform to different elements and be used to thrash them. Kratos can use it both on the attack and to shield himself.

In their quest, father and son have to master the art of teamwork for them to survive, not that Kratos couldn’t do it all! Kratos must master his rage and mentor his young son to fight all negative that comes his way, especially when his dark past is to blame for their troubles. Throughout the game Kratos is still the main act, while Arteus can be called upon for action to fight weaker enemies using his bow and arrow. As they progress with the fall of one enemy to another, they gain additional skills, new armor and special abilities as rewards for their victories.

The game is quite enjoyable given the improved graphics; like the over-the-shoulder camera that gives viewers a better feel of the combat between the characters.  Probably one of the action games of the decade, God of war has not failed to deliver as it keeps getting better and better. Kratos and Arteus going through each and every obstacle that is befalls them. The producers, as always, have splashed enough in the production to maintain the value of its reputation.